Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK - from the eyes of a 6yr old

Spoiled Princess tells us what Martin Luther King, Jr did -

" He spoke out because he wanted all the black children to be able to do the same things that the white children could do.. So he spoke out and it happened."

Apparently they actually do teach about MLK in our whitey white school.. I was beginning to wonder.  Even a friend comment when she came over to visit last week, she had driven past the highschool and saw on the sign that we had today off.     All the schools around her have signs that said "  No School Monday -- Martin Luther King Day" .   Our school had a sign that said " No school Monday-- Teacher Record Day".   Really?? We had the day off but they couldn't even acknowledge it as a real observance?    I felt moderately better that the 1st grade was taught somewhat about MLK.. Although when questioned the 2nd grade and kindergarten weren't told anything.  Hmmp.. 

Apparently the teaching wasn't explained quite as well as it should be.   After hearing Spoiled Princess proudly proclaim her newly learned knowledge, I asked her "Great... so what does that mean? What are white children and black children?"

Her response - " I dunno.  We didn't talk about that. "

sigh.  We quickly started going thru the family and having her look at them and tell me whether she thought they were "white" or "black".

What color are you, Spoiled Princess?   " uhmm... white?"
Good!   What color am I?   " White!"
What color is Dimples?  " Black??"
Yep!   What color is Drama Queen ?   (Drama Queen pipes in BLACK!) " uhmm, she looks white but I guess she wants to be black so she can be black ok?"

Leave it to the 16yr old to try and confuse the matter.. No she's white as can be.

What color is Fishing Pole?  "Black!  Ohhh, so Fishing Pole is black and he can do the same things that I do ? That's what it means?"


"That's great!  I love Martin Luther King!!"

me too.  me too.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr  Day :-)

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  1. My kids went to school today and everything was open here. Not sure about gov't offices though. I don't know why!


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