Monday, January 23, 2012

Crazy. Stupid. Love.

This has been sitting in my draft folder since Jan 1st.  Every. single. time. I open my blog and look at the posts, I see this one sitting there.. First I sigh because oh my..  and then I giggle because that chick from Easy A (and yes, I know her name but I always think of her as the chick from Easy A) is soo right.

Seriously?  It's like you're photoshopped!  

Definitely my favorite part of the movie.  Ryan Gosling, he's not too bad on the eyes! There is absolutely nothing worse than watching a hysterically funny movie (with said hottie) with your 16yr old daughter sitting next to you & hubby sighing loudly, OMG'ing and just generally stating her attraction to said hottie above.  Please child, keep that information to yourself.  Your parents do NOT need to share it.

Above picture is your post of the day.  A picture is worth a thousand words after all.. In this case maybe 2 thousand?   You are welcome.


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  1. Hee-hee... Thank you!!! :D

    Totally reminds me of when my sister and I went to see Eclipse, and Jacob is standing there all bare-chested and sexy and Edward said, "Don't you ever wear a shirt?" A woman (probably in her late 50's/early 60's) exclaimed rather loudly, "Dear God, I hope not!" :D


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