Friday, December 9, 2011

Whoring it..

I've taken to writing down little things the kids say that I find adorable but know with time I will completely screw up when I try to tell them in my old age.  Heck I lost my phone today and that thing is usually attached to my body in some way!   (No worries, it was found and returned safe & sound- if a bit cold.)  Soo, I thought I'd share a few with you :)  I'm nice and sharing like that..

Dimples is finally opening up and talking more.. He rarely has conversations yet but when he says something that is completely appropriate for the situation- I LOVE IT!!

#1. At the dr's office last month,  Fishing Pole said " Dimples, look at this!!" and showed him a toy.  Dimples immediately smiled and said "Oh that is soo cool Fishing Pole!"     I about burst into tears.  A complete sentence that was appropriate for the situation!  AND he actually listened to Fishing Pole and responded.. YAY!!

#2. Just a little something that I love - Dimples was never one of those babies that would raise their arms up when they wanted picked up and say "Up!" .  Usually when we go somewhere I will always hold my arms down to him and say "Do you want to walk or do you want me to carry you?"    Lately he'll come up to me, raise his arms up and say " I carry you?"    love it.

#3.  Way back when Drama Queen was about 1 (omg she's going to be 16 very soon, there is a countdown calendar currently on the fridge.. ugh) I left her at my house with a friend while Daddy Chaos & I went to Bingo on base.. I had never left her before and thought I went over every single thing that said friend would need to know.  About 30mins later, she calls and says "Drama Queen is fine, but she keeps walking around saying GUNK. I don't know what Gunk is and she wants it.. HELP!"..  When I finally quit laughing I was able to tell her the very important thing I had forgotten-- Gunk =Milk.   Drama Queen liked to invent her own words sometimes..

#4.  About a week ago (yes, I wrote the entire conversation in my planner.. lol),  Drama Queen and I were sitting on the couch.. The kids were across the room at the toy box.  We kept hearing Fishing Pole say something that we just couldn't quite make out..

Fishing Pole: (playing with tea set) Pour.. pour.. pour..
Drama Queen: Is he saying whore?  Listen to him!  It sounds like he's saying :Whore, whore, whore!
Me No, I don't think he's saying that.. Where would he even hear that ?

Fishing Pole: pour.. pour.. pour it.. (pours pretend tea into cup)
Me:  POUR!   He said POUR it! 
Drama Queen: oooh..  Well it sounded like Whore it. 
Me:  What does that even mean?
Drama Queen:  You know.. like free-balling it.. Whoring it..

OMG!! LOL!  I couldn't stop the laughter.. Where the heck did she even hear the term Free-balling it.. LOL!  I tell you , highschool is not what it was when I was in school.. Or I hung in the wrong crowds.. lol!.


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