Monday, December 5, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude -- Day 30 !!

Ok, so it's Dec.5th and not Nov 30.. I know, I suck..  But on the good side, at least I'm finishing right?

I'm super excited about today's reason because for the first time ever, I have permission to share a picture of Miss Dilly- my surrobaby!! 

Today, and every day, I am thankful for Miss Dilly.  For her family choosing ME to carry her safely into this world.. I am thankful that I was able to experience something as wonderful as surrogacy and that her parents trusted me enough to carry this precious little one. It's a big responsibility, all of that trust.  
Pregnancy to me was always a miraculous thing.  Except for the exact moments when I was puking (ewww), I loved every minute of it.  I always felt more at ease in my own body when pregnant..  Some days I think I was born in the wrong era.. I should have been back in the old days when the women were pregnant more often than not.. lol. Yes, I am crazy.

Surrogacy* was the perfect step for me when we decided that our family was complete (ha-ha!).  I got to be pregnant .. to enjoy every little kick.. every movement and to know that someone was waiting to hear and enjoy every little detail with me.  I remember trying to share every bit of the experience with Dilly's parents because I wanted to be sure that her mom was in no way left out.  This miracle that came so easily to me, was impossible for her and it devastated me for her.  I think it made the pregnancy that much more special.  Something that I always took for granted myself was something to be cherished instead.  Quite honestly, I'm sure it comes as no surprise to my regular readers- as selfish and horrible as it sounds- I like to be needed.  Surrogacy is such an intimate need.. To carry someone's child for them, to be such a close part of their family.  It's wonderful.

I love that little girl to pieces.. her entire family, in fact!!  We have made friends that will be our family forever.. I am also especially grateful to Miss Dilly because I firmly believe that it was my pregnancy with her - the entire experience of helping another family in such a special way- that opened Daddy Chaos' heart to foster care.. and well I have 4 new kiddos thanks to that.

*For the record, a reminder that I am/was a Gestational Surrogate.. Which means that Dilly is 100% her parents, made from their eggs/sperm and implanted via IVF.  * 


  1. Wow, that's great! She's adorable of course! Such an amazing thing to do, it must be fabulous to be able to watch her grow.

  2. Such a sweet story. Precious girl.

    {I like to be needed too.}


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