Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season !

The holiday season is crazy, rushed and full of stress.


I love driving around and looking at other peoples' Christmas lights (cuz I don't have any up.. Why yes! I suck at decorating.. Although I did get the tree dug out of the basement- no ornaments, just lights that were still on it from last year.  It's something at least!).    Sometimes we just all pile in the car to go drive around and find the best lights.   Family bonding time when everyone is restrained in their carseats is the BEST!  ha :)

I love hearing Christmas songs on the radio (although, can we please at least wait til Thanksgiving is over before starting those?? ).   Something about Christmas songs just puts you in the spirit..  I mean who can be upset when a Christmas song is playing? I especially love it when the kids come home singing songs that they only know 1/2 the words to and the completely wrong tune.. It's adorable :)

Part of that is why I am absolutely 100% in love with this new commercial..  I have been to this mall a few times (Woodfield Mall ~  Schaumburg, IL) and think OMG how amazing would that be to be one of the mall patrons who were surprised?!   Go on, you know you can't help but watch it! :

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