Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sweet Sixteen...

Sixteen is a number that brings to mind many things for many people.

Drivers License..

First Dates...

When you are young, you can hardly wait to finally be older!   First it's 13-- finally a teenager!!  Then it's 16- woohoo, car time baby!   Then 18- an adult at last!  (ha!)  Finally 21- party time = )     I think after 21, most people don't look forward to birthdays quite the same way.

When you are the parent of the child turning any of these ages you don't look forward to it with quite the same enthusiasm.

13- hormones, ugh..
16- trust them with a car?? ack!
18- my baby's growing up ;(
21-  quite frankly I'm not even thinking of that age yet.. lol.

Yesterday was Drama Queen's birthday.

Look, I made that hat AND she's actually wearing it! wow.
Sweet Sixteen is here already.   It's funny how some things are ingrained into your memory.  I know I say this over and over but she was my first.. It's hard to believe that my baby is 16.. Gawd I'm getting old! :-)

Sixteen seems to be the age where your parents know pretty much nothing.  Where you can love them one minute and gossip like BFF's only for a switch to flip and be completely embarrassed to be seen with them the next.   I cherish the good times and try to hold back the urge to grab a soap bar to wash mouths with during the not so good :)   What else can ya do?  

We do 1present per year. It's something that I started several years ago and I really enjoy it.. But do you know how hard it is to try to figure out 16 presents for a 16yr old girl so she won't roll her eyes?   I do believe I was actually successful this year !   Although I think her favorite thing was finally getting access to Facebook, cuz I'm a mean Momma like that.. 16 is the golden age for many things..  FB just seems to be one of them :) Who knows what I'll write next year since I doubt I'll see her again until then.. She's holed up in her room with her new laptop watching movies & facebooking.. AHH!  What have I started??   At least she hasn't discovered Pioneer Trail yet :)

Happy 16th Birthday Drama Queen!   


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