Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 14

Sooo, our garage door broke. Thankfully I have a tiny garage and none of my vehicles actually fit inside it.. So we keep our 2nd deep freeze (yes, we need 2 freezers.. lol) , bikes, tools ect out there. Still we use the garage door everyday -taking trash out or just going out to the car. 

So we went to leave yesterday and the silly thing wouldn't open.  I thought nothing of it, a certain teen boy loves to jump up and hit things- the ceiling, the wall, the cord dangling down from the garage door opener that stops it from working... I assumed this happened and when I got home later that afternoon I told Daddy Chaos. 

Unfortunately that is NOT what happened.

Late Saturday nite we all heard this super LOUD  noise.. We all went to look and see what fell but couldn't find it.

Well that super loud noise was the cable BREAKING on one side of the garage door!!  Eek!

So while I am not at all thankful that it broke because now we have to replace the entire door (ugh, I don't even want to know the cost!)... Today I am thankful that it broke while it was closed and not while someone was walking under it!!   It could have been much worse and after all, it's just money, right?!


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