Friday, August 5, 2011

Dinosaur ROAR !!

We finally got the report back from the Dev. Clinic  the other day.

You might recall that I was less than impressed with their oral report at the end of that very long day.

I was hopeful that the actual report would hold .. something more.

Apparently my hope was in vain.

Other than the fact that they actually had the balls to recommend genetic testing (Fragile X & karyotype) when they themselves wouldn't refer us (don't get me started!).. They didn't have much to say other than what I already knew.

They did, however, manage to shock me a tad bit.  Ok more than a tad.  Believe me, I know my kid is behind.  But he had one hell of a day that day. He did things there that he never does here. Daddy Chaos and I both thought he did awesome (despite the lovely meltdowns we had in the second half of the day) and were surprised we didn't get laughed out of the building and written off as those crazy parents.

So when I read thru the report, nodding along with the background.. Agreeing wholeheartedly with the speech assessment (communicating well is not my boy's forte ).. It was when I came to what they judged his developmental age to be that I stumbled.  Obviously not having an education in developmental pediatrics my opinion means zip, but having raised 6 kids I feel that I do kinda know what they do at certain ages.   Dimples is just a tad bit over 3yrs old now.. I place him at 18-24month level for most things.

Apparently the team of drs assessing him did not agree :

"Dimples is functioning somewhere between 12-17 months developmentally....."
I reread it a few times.. I fumed and came back a few days later just to make sure I didn't misunderstand.. Maybe they  meant he was functioning 12-17months behind where he should be??  Apparently not.  And here I thought he did good that day.. Ha, shows what I know huh? lol!

Despite what the papers say, Dimples is definitely in one of his "good" phases. He's attempting to talk more and trying his hardest to tell you what he wants vs just screaming and beating you over the head with it until you figure it out :)

An odd thing I noticed this spring about Dimples is that although he LOVES trees (I see Tweee!), he is terrified to walk under them.

I realized it innocently enough.  I took him for a walk one day, just me and him.  We have A Lot of trees in our town - we aren't Tree City USA for the flowers :)  So we walked a few blocks and I pointed things out trying to get him to jump in and talk with me.  We turned the corner and there is a large row of trees hanging over the sidewalk.  He absolutely FuhReaked out.   I had to pick him up while he hid his face and carry him under them. Once we were passed the trees he was fine and wanted down immediately "I wak".   No biggie, probably a one time thing.

Earlier this week I took him to the park.

Yup, you guessed it.. The park is surrounded by trees.

We get out of the car and I set him down. He walks very slowly, dragging his feet, looking nervous.  I'm confused because HELLO the playground is Right there and the other kids have already ran to it and are playing.  Then he does something that he has very rarely done.

He held his arms up to me.  That universal sign of  Pick Me UP!

So I carried him past the trees to the park  with his head hid in my shoulder the entire way.  Once we got there, he jumped down and ran to go play.

Odd, no?

I was telling the hubby about it that night.. Trying to get Dimples to talk some.

Dimples, tell Daddy where we went today..


Remember? We went to the park!

  I go parw!

What did we do at the park?  Tell daddy that you went on the slide!

I side!

And you went on the swing!!

I wing!

Yeah, he had a problem with the trees again. I have no clue why he's so afraid of them.. Weird, huh?

Twees RAWR !!!

Trees roar?? What? No... Dinosaurs roar!

Twee go RAWR!!  Dinosawr karry (scary)

So I not really sure if he thinks the trees are dinosaurs or if he has totally misjudged the size of dinosaurs and thinks they are hiding in the trees to eat him.. But I was beyond excited that he actually came up with a thought on his own!! And showed some imagination!!

Every since then it keeps running thru my head.. That dinosaur book that I"m sure almost every mom to a boy owns.  It was Fishing Pole's favorite book and Dimples loves it just as much.

Dinosaur ROAR!!

Dinosaur Squeak!!

Dinosaur Fierce!

Dinosaur Meek..

12-17 months or not, it's progress!   And progress I will take.



  1. Wow!! I'm really quite in shock with the assessment.

    As for the it only walking under them? I wonder what's up with that. No big wind storms lately? Hmmm...

  2. Tara - Yep, it's only walking under them.. He loves to point them out (happily) from a distance but doesn't like to walk under them.. He's been that like every since Spring which is probably the first time I've let him walk and not be in a stroller (he's a runner). It's just ...weird.


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