Monday, July 25, 2011

A Waste of Epic Proportions.

Soo, I just realized that I never updated the internet world on the Big-All-Day-Important- Dr-Appt.  Probably because I was so disappointed in it.

I really hoped to go to the Big Hospital and have them do all these tests and say  xyz is the problem.  This is how to fix it.

Unfortunately, we spent from 8am til past 5pm at the Big Hospital.  We saw numerous Drs..  Dimples was on his best behavior for the first half of the day.. The 2nd half, he had multiple full out meltdowns (screaming, trying to bite, scratching).  At least they saw both sides.

We still don't have the final report but the psych dr went over their findings.

Global Dev. Delay
ADHD , combined type
Speech Delay (to be more specific - mild receptive & moderate expressive language delay,  Severe articulation delay)
Lots of Autistic tendencies but not autism.
Sensory Issues.

Uhmm yeah, we knew all of that.. We told you that ourselves.  No big "Ah Ha!" moment.. Instead we left deflated.   Their suggestions?

OT (already doing)
Speech (will get in preschool, also already looking into private)
More days/hours of dev. preschool (already offered max, we are electing to start with 2days vs 4 for transitioning issues.  We can move him up  if/when we wish). 
Behavioral counseling ( yeah, I already have 2 kids in counseling & no one around us takes ones this young.)

What about Genetic testing?  I asked..   and was told "He could certainly benefit from some genetic testing to help rule out some other stuff but we won't refer, ask your normal dr to do the referral".   What are your thoughts on the possibility of Mito  (a dr of one of the other kids mentioned that possibility & it was brought up during our day of testing) ?  "Oh, we really didn't discuss it much.  We are neutral on that. Have your dr refer you to the Mito clinic".   Ugh.. I assumed that they would give us the referrals we needed but instead we start back over at square one.   Mind you, I don't want him to have genetic issues or Mito by any  means.. But if the shoe fits, check it out! Geesh!

So you see now, why I didn't jump up and down to tell you all the  wonderful things we learned at the big appt.  *snort*

Still working on getting the referrals.


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