Monday, July 25, 2011

Pants on Fire..

I did it the other day.

Something I've thought about before but never followed thru with.

I lied to a complete stranger.

It doesn't hurt anything.  She'll never know I lied to her and it left me with less explaining..

Let's back up..

Dimples has been having a slew of very good days.  It's really quite amazing. He's been having less tantrums and trying to talk more.. Makes a Momma's heart happy.   (side note- he does this.. he has good modes and starts progressing, talking more, less tantrums and then out of the blue goes into a "bad" mode where he tantrums over every little things and regresses in his communication abilities among other things.. So I know it might not last, but I can hope).

We went into the Big Pet store.. You know the kind.. Aisles and aisles of different cat/dog food.. Fishies (!!), BIRDIES (!!!), Rat!.   It's a little bit of a Dimples'  Heaven.  It's also just a tad bit of sensory overload.  Probably we should have expected it..

He did great sitting in the back of the cart (I know, bad Mom! Bad!) and playing with the cans of kitty food we were stocking up on for Miss Izzy.

Cue : kitty picture.

Note my unshaved leg.. Also note this blanket? Kitty Crack.

So Dimples sat happily in the back of the cart stacking, knocking down and restacking cans of kitty food.   All was happy in the world...  Until we made it to the check out lane.

You know where this is going, right?

Dimples had a bit of an aversion to putting or letting us put the kitty food up on the counter to be paid with.

He may have had a bit of a meltdown/tantrum.   Daddy Chaos decided to just defuse the situation. He scooped him and went out to the car.  No biggie.

The cashier looked at me with sympathy and then asked how old he was?

I paused.. He's small for his age (still wears 18-24mo) and based on his speech & behavior people tend to think he's younger than he is.. So if I come out and tell the truth  "He turned 3 a few months ago", then I get the questioning looks that say "ok, what's wrong with him?" or the judging looks "control your child already!".  

And so I fibbed.  I looked her straight in the eye and said "he's not quite 2".  She nodded and said she remembered when hers went thru a 'stage' like that at that age.

So this is my dilemma..  Other special needs mommas chime in here!   When faced with something like this, do you answer with the truth or do you fib just so you don't have to explain everything or deal with the looks?

Perhaps it's a moot point.. Maybe I'm just lucky that Dimples actually looks his developmental age (18-20mo) and can pass for it.. I'm not sure how long it will work but sometimes it's just easier.



  1. Sometimes, Momma C, it's just easier. You'll never see PetStore Lady again, so I wouldn't sweat it. Yours and Dimples story is a complicated one and you will continue to figure out when and what to share.

  2. Love the kitty!
    Meh. IMO, a 3 year old is just as likely to act like a wingnut as any younger age. Lying however, go for it. Not anyone's business and if you think they are going to judge, or ask a bunch of follow up questions, lie your heart out.


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