Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some things ARE as funny in real life as they are in movies.

Today's post is brought to you by cuteness.. 

Look at that face..

Poor Miss Izzy is wearing the cone of shame.  You can just tell by that face how *happy* she is about it.  ha.

You see, we took her to get her lady bits taken out yesterday.

As if that weren't enough indignity, when I picked her up I was informed that they only glue the outside incision and therefore no licking so she gets a cone.  For a week.   I didn't even realize they made kitty cones of shame. Apparently you learn something new and all..

We dropped her off first thing in the morning - ie. I had to have all the kids up before the buttcrack of dawn to get to the bigger town an hour away by 8am. 

Because we are a sensitive family.  We dropped our poor kitty off to be sliced open and then spent the day enjoying ourselves.

We shopped. Boy did we shop.. And ironically still got home without killing my wallet too much.  Thankfully Drama Queen has inherited my love for looking, holding, putting in the cart and then tossing on a random shelf as we walk thru the store and decide that she really just doesn't have to have it.

We ate.  Have I told you lately how much I am in love with @McAlisters? We discovered it a few months back when one took over an old Krispy Kreme.. I just big puffy heart it there. 

We sat in the car thru a nice lovely thunderstorm & watch movies because we had "daddy's van!" which equals the magic dvd player! Woot!  Drama Queen read a book and I played on my phone.. Everyone was happy. 

We drove around thru random cemeteries.

Ok that just sounds weird.  
It was 100% completely Drama Queen's fault.   We're driving past a big Catholic cemetery and she squeaks "Turn in! Turn in!"  

We probably spent well over an hour driving slowly thru the cemeteries (lil kids happily watching movies) competing to find the oldest headstones (1837- her) and picking out which were our favorites (a really HUGE Massive stone for a family with little headstones for the individual members around it).  It was calming in a weird way.

And finally we drove back to pick up Izzy.  Drama Queen found it hilarious that Izzy had to wear a collar and demanded that we take her home and make her watch UP with us.  Squirrel ! 

My adorable little kitty with the kink in her tail.   She likes to stick out a bit like the rest of us, I guess? 

The only thing funnier than watching her run into walls/doors  because she can't see around the silly cone is watching her try to grab your hand to bite you, only to realize she has no way to get it to her mouth. 

Instant amusement :)

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  1. Poor kitty!!! She is just too cute though!

  2. There is just NO dignity in the cone of shame. None.

    I used to go thru cemetaries a lot when I was younger and child free. Not really sure why but I found them fascinating.


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