Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our medical mystery is about to be solved!

Or so we hope at least.

Dimples had an appt with the Child Development Clinic at the Big hospital at the very end of August.  Neuro referred us there thinking it might give us some better answers and the Developmental team can then decide whether or not to send us on over to genetics as well.

The good news is that I got a call from the coordinator & there was a cancellation.. Can we come next Tues (7/5)?   Uhmm, yes we most definitely can!!   I'll rearrange a few things , just mark me down!!

The appt begins at 8:30am & I was told to expect to be there until around 4:30pm.   I guess when they say all day they really mean it!!  A team of drs will meet with us and him & go over everything, do testing ect..

I hope it gives us some answers.

But I'm a bit scared of what those answers might be.

It doesn't matter, we will get thru it. Answers always help. I'm a firm believer that knowing what you're dealing with helps you with the ability to deal with it..

I have firmly vowed that until the appt I am firmly retiring my Dr Google fingers and not looking up one more dang thing that scares me out of my head.  Now just to keep to that vow..  Dr Google is soo dang tempting sometimes.

In other not as good news,  Dimples decided that his current issues were just not keeping Momma hopping quite enough... so he threw a nice little seizure into the mix.

He was sleeping in his carseat and we had just stopped outside CVS (had to run in for some size 1 diapers b/c I had an itty bitty for the weekend- omg, he was absolutely scrumptious!)  and quite honestly I thought he was having a fit.  He started kicking Daddy Chaos' seat and making a whiney/moany sound.  So I turned around to yell at him to stop kicking the seat when I realized his eyes were rolled back in his head & his hands were twitching & he had drool pooling out of his mouth.  All in all, the episode lasted less than a minute- but a very traumatic minute it was.  

Neuro was called and an EEG was done.. It turned up clear but I was told firmly that a clear EEG does not mean no seizures.. It simply means no seizures happened during the EEG.  Neuro firmly feels that the episode was indeed a seizure but since it was our first definite one, he'd like to wait for meds.  We are just to watch him super close and if we see any signs of anything call right away.


Always something, right?  And then we move on to the smiles and giggles and hugs that make it all worth it.  I wouldn't trade my life for anything, despite the scary stuff.



  1. Good luck to Dimples during all day testing...

    And seizures?! What next?

  2. Oh no!!!! I hate to hear that Dimples has had a seizure! I'm praying it was a single solitary incident.

  3. Wow! All day testing. But knowing is good. Google can scare the crap of you.


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