Friday, August 12, 2011

It's all fun and games until someone loses a toe..

ok, ok it's supposed to be an eye.. But in this case it was a toe.. or rather a toe NAIL.

You see something spurred Gma to put up a tire swing at her house. 

Kids were eager to rush out and try it!  Swing! Fun! 

Daddy Chaos & I dropped off the two little girls and the big boy with Gpa while we took the lil boys to get some groceries.. We figured those three would be pretty well entertained on the swing and it was easier to shop with less.  Right?

Apparently our Wally World is beyond sucktastic when it comes to cell reception. Phones only pick up at the ends of the aisles but not actually in the aisles.  So we get to the end of an aisle and I get a little vibration and noise from my phone... hmmm.. 

I have 2 missed calls?  That's weird!

Ohh, I have a txt from Gpa?  Even odder..

" Call back when you get this text immediately me"

So I called and it was busy.  (I will note that when I got home, I had 4 messages from Gpa each with more fluent cursing about my lack of answering the phone so we will just assume it was yet another call coming in that put us at cross wires).   Dialed again.

Gpa is a tad bit freaked out.  There was a mishap with the tire-swing - I will say here and no I was against a tire swing.  Dirty, smelly.. I voted for a plain ole board swing like I had when I was little.   Spoiled Princess was bleeding and her toenail was half off.. No carseats, come home now!

We checked out with our purchases (thankfully mostly done anyway) and hurried back to Gpa's house.   So much for getting Gpa to babysit anymore, right? lol. 

My brave girl is no longer crying as long as you don't look too closely at the toe or even think about touching it..  Personally, I had Daddy Chaos look at it because I was feeling gaggy just thinking about it.   Toes and Tongues, something about them just gets to me.

Off to the lovely ER we went with Miss Don't-Look-At-My-Toe-Let's-Just-Put-A-Big-Bandage-On-And-Pretend-It's-Fine.

The adventures of Big Toe.
She was fine unless a dr or nurse were in the room because O.M.G they might look or even think about touching her toe!! The Nerve! 

She tried valiantly to convince me that we should just let the ER Doc just look at it, maybe put a bandaid on and then we could all just go home and maybe grab a shake on the way.. oh and a kids meal with smurf toy, please.   All the while declaring that she never should have went on the swing to begin with.

And then the Dr had the nerve to touch it and boy did my little banshee scream.   It was determined that the nail needed to come off because it was ripped all the way back (it hurts my toes just writing about it!).

There were lots of shots and lots more screaming.. 

The worst was when she screamed "Mommy!! HELP ME! HELP ME!" 

I died just a little right then.  (Someone please remind me to make Daddy Chaos take her next time, I'll stay home with the rest of the kids.)

But it's over now.  They decided to trim up her nail and carefully place it back over the nail-bed  (like a press on nail because it's already painted pretty- said the dr) to help protect it from damage.   

We took lots of pics- many I didn't share of the graphic icky toe.  The only one Spoiled Princess didn't want me to share is above in the collage-- the end result of her toe all big and bandaged bc it's just uhh -gly.   Sorry, my dear, it was uglier before the bandage.. lol.

Moral of the story- Beware of all tire swings.. they may take a toe.   Or maybe just don't try to stop a tire swing when it hangs too low and you are just wearing flip-flops.  either way.. lol.


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  1. THANK you for not posting a pic of it! I would have had to look and then I would be freaked and grossed out!


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