Saturday, July 2, 2011


I read your blog from a link on twitter the other day at Gma's house.  I saved it on her favorites for her so now she can read it.

*rapidly scanning my brain for anything negative I might have ever posted regarding my mom... Nope, don't think there's anything.* (Hi Mom!)

Gee thanks, Drama Queen..  Why are you reading my twitter anyway?  Can't I get some privacy somewhere..  Quick, who do I sound like??

Twitter is where I vent and say crap that I can't get away with saying on FB where everyone knows me IRL.  Leave my twitter alone!  (bloggy peeps can read it, I'll talk to you there.)

Anyway we were reading the blog you wrote the other day and you sounded really sad.  You aren't sad.  It was weird.  

So apparently I hide my worries and momentary sadness well.    I think it's natural to be sad when everyone who meets your three year old thinks they are just turning two, if that.   I actually ran into that the other day at the baseball field.  I was chatting with a MOPs friend who's son was on  the lil kids' tball team.  She has a lil girl and I asked how old..  


So I asked when she turned three??  


Ohh, cool! So she's just a month older than Dimples! He turned three in May!!

My friend looked around confused.. Then looked at Dimples.

He's three? Wow, I thought he was getting ready to turn 2. 

Sigh.   No, he's a little behind and small for his age but he's 3.  This friend has attempted to play with him at every baseball game (Dimples isn't known for his social skills.. lol) and assumed by his size & responses that he was significantly younger than her own daughter.   I guess it's a natural assumption but really what do you say?  No, he's 3 and leave it at that.. Try to explain what you don't understand yourself?

So yes, I am a bit sad about it from time to time.  I do tend to let the sadness and worries seep out more here where I can protect the rest of the family from my worries.  That's what mom's do right?   If I let all my sadness and worries come out at once, I'm pretty sure they'd lock me in a padded room somewhere.. HA! 

I did ask Drama Queen if she saw the pics of Fishing Pole's missing tooth on the next post since they were snooping reading the blog anyway?

No.  We couldn't figure out how to get off that one post.  It's like that's all there was.  We were stuck.


Ohh and also, apparently Drama Queen feels that I'm writing my blog to the empty air b/c  "no one must read it b/c you never get comments mom.."     I tried to explain that I write because I like to not because I need a million ppl to read me but if the few that do read can leave a comment, it will validate my life's work (ha) to Drama Queen.. lol.



  1. :-) Long time reader, never commented before. But for Drama Queen, here's a comment.

  2. Validating you! Gotta love the nosy kids, eh? LOL


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