Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Day of Birthdays

Today is a special day.

Today marks the day that I gave birth to the last child I'd ever carry (most likely) .  The child that I would grow.. and  love.. and give birth to.. and then hand over to her parents.

Yes today is my surrogate daughter's birthday.

SEVEN years old!!

Miss Dilly is 7.  It's hard to believe so much time has passed. 

Surrogacy was a wonderful experience for me.   I almost wish I could do it again.  Life is so much busier now that I'm not sure I have the time to devote now and soon I'll be too old. *sigh*

Miss Dilly's mom & I chatted last nite and recounted where we all were 7yrs ago.   You see, I was induced with her in the morning of June 11.. Dilly had other plans apparently.  She held out and held out and held out.  Until finally she was born a little after midnight, thus moving her birthday to June 12.

I'm pretty sure she knew what she was doing.. She just wanted to share her birthday with one of the most important men in my life...

Today is also his birthday :

For the record - yes those are Dimple's Phineas & Ferb sunglasses.. lol.

Daddy Chaos and I have been together for half of my life.   Yes, you read that correctly - HALF of my LIFE.  How do you top that?  Later this month we'll be at the 1/2way point and every day after that will be one more day that I have spent with him.  Very soon I'll have spent more of my life with him than without.   It boggles the mind in this day and age where everyone is divorced or not getting married until their 30's.  We have been together since we were 17 & 18.

It's no wonder I can't imagine my life without him.   He is my everything.

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life..

 How's that for sappy?  You're welcome.

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