Wednesday, June 15, 2011


School's been out for a little while now and obviously I've disappeared off the face of the earth.

6 kids home 24/7 who actually want me to parent them.. Geesh!!   When does school start again??

Seriously though, I'm trying to enjoy this summer.  When fall comes and school begins again - all my babies will be in school. ALL of them.  I'm still trying to comprehend that.  It baffles the mind.  How do they get old enough for school?  I guess the bad thing of having stairstep kids is that they enter school year after year until they are all gone.

Drama Queen is currently doing something that terrifies parents everywhere -- DRIVER's ED!

*runs screaming*

She's not 15 ½ til next week so right now she's taking the 'book' class and won't begin the actual 'driving' portion until after that.  Yet she proclaims to everyone who will listen "I am the best driver ever"!  

Uhmm, DQ, you've never actually driven a car yet..

"Well I did drive the car in Gma's driveway"

Drama Queen- that was like 5 feet.

"It's still driving! I was soo good!"

:sigh:  This kid is going to be on the roads in a little over a week people.  Don't worry, I will tweet it and warn everyone to stay away.. lol.

Speaking of my children's exceptional self confidence (ha)...  Fishing Pole & Spoiled Princess are playing t-ball.

Fishing Pole spends most of the time playing in the dirt or chasing every single ball that comes onto the field despite the fact that it's no where near his field position.  He hits the ball and then immediately runs across the pitcher's mound to 2nd base.. lol. I am convinced this is because Spoiled Princess is always the batter directly before him and therefore also running to 2nd base so he just runs to her.. No matter how many games we play and tell him to run to 1st base! Follow the white lines!! Go to the coach!! he runs to 2nd base first.  He is Adorable.

Spoiled Princess on the other hand always stands up paying attention to the batter while in the field.  She also always makes sure she's posing because Momma just might be getting ready to take a picture.  She definitely runs to first base and when running home, always races the runner in front of her.  If we actually kept score in t-ball (no scores, no outs.. the competitive on our team don't particularly like that.. ha) she'd have totally made some plays of the day.   She will tell absolutely anyone who will listen "I am the best at t-ball!!  The best EVER!! You should just watch me, you'll see! I am soo much better than anyone else!"  Yeah my kids don't lack confidence right now..


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  1. I'm so ready for school to start too! But I'll still have at least 2 home with me (once this new baby comes)... maybe 4 depending on if anyone gets into 4k. We had baseball and t-ball going on too. fun times :)


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