Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing Catch Up..

Geesh!! Looking back, the last time I blogged was on the famous shared birthdays.   Oops.

So let's play catch up :)

I have been playing Frontierville on FB.. Yes, it's addicting. I get suckered into this like I never did with Farmville (definitely do not <3 farmville). So if you happen to be my facebook friend- please come be my neighbor.. I need more neighbors.  PLEASE! :)  If you aren't my fb friend but wanna be, shoot me an email and I'll do eeny meeny miney moe on whether to add you :)  J/K..  or am I?

I also discovered  Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap. .  Go ahead, click it... you know you want to.  I am definitely in <3 with PBS. You see, you take all your books that you are done with.. Maybe you didn't like them.. maybe you just read them but didn't feel they were re-read worthy.  and you put them up on PBS (for free).  Then every one that you send out, you'll get a credit for to choose a book from someone else.  No fees.  It's great!  I'm just a tad bit addicted.   Daddy Chaos is fine with it because it means I went thru boxes of books in storage to find stuff to put up.. Of course he hasn't seen the books that I'm waiting on to come in.  *ahem*.   Anyhoo, it's really simple.  Plus to get you started- list 10books and they'll give you 2 free credits! Yay!  You pay to ship out any books that are requested from you, but all books that you request will come shipped to you for free.  It's a win-win.  If you sign up, I'd greatly appreciate you did it under my link (either up above or look in the sidebar) b/c I'll get a credit for referring  you ! I'm a big book addict so this is bliss!

Last we spoke it was Daddy Chaos' birthday.  That night as I took Dimples to bed, I told him to say good nite to daddy  & happy birthday.   It probably doesn't help that since then we've also had Gpa's birthday.. And Smellsy's is fast approaching.. Still, every single night since then when I tuck him into bed we say our good nights, I sneak out the door and just as I'm crossing the gate I hear him whisper " Good nite. Happy Ber-day"   good nite, my love. Happy birthday.  It makes me smile every time.

Since I've been neglecting my blog, sadly I've been neglecting reading my favorite blogs too.. So what's new with you guys??


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