Friday, June 3, 2011

Blessed by the Sleep Gods..

Some days I fight for half of naptime trying to get Fishing Pole to go to sleep.  He moans and rolls over and fake sleeps only to peek at you when he thinks you think he's asleep. Quite honestly it's almost not worth the fight.  He'll be in kindergarten this fall and obviously won't be getting naps so I should just give it up right?? Wrong.  If he misses a nap, there is all hell to pay. I , for one, do not want to be around this child (or Dimples- but thankfully he always goes right down for naps *knock on wood*) when a missed nap happens.  There's whining, tantrums and just general bad behaviour (more than normal).

So it's the days when I see this :

and this :

that I'm thankful.  The gods of sleep have intervened and knocked them all right out.

*side note- isn't it adorable that Izzy chooses to snuggle up next to Dimples for a nap?  She's a bit leery of him when he's awake because he is constantly moving and loud but when he's sleeping, even she can't resist the cuteness of my youngest.


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  1. My kids got a nap in kindergarten. Well, it was more like 20 minutes of quiet time where they put out the lights and played quiet music and the kids could lay down or read or something.

    Genea slept for about an hour every day after school for 2 years, and still can fall asleep for a few hours. So, don't miss those naps yet- they could stick around!


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