Thursday, May 26, 2011

To my Last of the Last...

You are my very last baby..

The very last of the last..

Babyhood ends completely with you and I will no longer be the mom to a baby or toddler.

Today you turn 3.

3 !!
How did you ever get to be so big?  

Three talks of riding tricycles and blowing bubbles.   It leaves toddlerhood behind and embraces the years of being a preschooler. 

I'm not sure I'm ready.

For 35months I rocked you , patted you just so and hummed along with you to get you to sleep at night.

Just like when you were born (a month early), you decided a month ago that you were a big boy and all the sudden started going to sleep On Your Own.. IN your own bed (shoved right next to Momma's so you can reach thru the crib and feel my hand).

35months of sleeping on me or shoved up next to me . I moaned more often than not about the crappy sleep I was getting having you in my bed.  And now with the blink of an eye, it's gone.  Where was my transition, kid?

At this point in your life, you're a bit behind.  I've pretty much convinced myself that it's partly because I've chanted in your ear since you came home "Don't grow up too fast.. You're the last of my babies.. Stay little."  Sometimes we wonder if you are really as behind as you appear or if it's just all a ruse.. You pop out suddenly with this new talent that surprises us all and comforts us that you are learning.   You are always on the run.  I fear I'm really sucking at documenting this time in your life because you are in constant motion and I can rarely get a picture of your face.  I settle for taking lots of pictures of you sleeping..

Seriously? Have you seen anything more adorable?!

Although it's your birthday today, I have yet to buy you a present.. You hate to open them anyway and quite honestly I have no idea what to get you.   I'm pretty sure I'll be scouring the stores for the last few Zhu-Zhu pets that we have yet to own because you have this odd obsession with them right now.  We'll have your party when Gpa gets home from the hospital so that buys me a few days =)

Dimples, you are my itty bitty.. My tiny boy. My last baby.  Try not to grow up too fast.  I'll miss these baby years ..

Happy birthday Dimples!   We love you  so so much!!


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  1. Three is a hard year I'm finding...La Loquita wants to be such a big girl and I want to hold on to the baby moments!! I look back at pics of Goofy Girl when she was this age and am amazed at how similar they look.....and yet I see GG now and how fast she's grown up...knowing Loquita is right behind her!!

    She now tells us, she's NOT a baby anymore, but she is Mama and Papa's baby. That's right kiddo! They will all ALWAYS be my babies!!


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