Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Of Hospitals and Hotties.

Yet again I am awakened by a phone call. 

Those can never be good.

Yesterday - Gpa Chaos was rushed to the hospital via ambulance.   Again.

I feel like he was just there although it's been about a year since the stroke.  It's all still so fresh in our minds.

I'll spare you all the details, the tests done, the hospital transfer.. But for now he is doing ok.

The consensus is that he had a small heart attack.  He has what appears to be pneumonia in the bottom of his lungs (although every single time he's in the hospital it shows up there.. seems odd to me).  For now he is feeling better.  Completely drained, so tired he just wants to sleep and sleep and sleep.   

Ironically he just had a big workup at Cardiology last month (or so) and they commented on how his heart looked the best it has ever looked since he started going there.. And then this.  His cardiologist calls him perplexing.. Yes indeed he is.

I was up visiting him last nite and while he slept thru most of the visit, he woke up just a little while before it was time to get kicked out.  Respiratory was in giving him a breathing treatment and the therapist was very quiet-- not a chatty .  

Whatever was on tv (no clue we weren't really watching, just background noise..)changed and the Black Eyed Peas came on..  Our conversation went a little something like this :

Mom:  Is that the Black Eyed Peas?
Me:  Yes
Mom:  Who is it that Fergie is married to again??
Me: ohhh.. I can't think of his name.. that guy from Las Vegas..
Respiratory Therapist:  She's married to that really cute guy Josh Duhamel !!
"Ahh yes.."  we all signed..
Dad: Oh my god, you women are all the same.. *bad imitation* Ohhh, it's that hot guy.. oooh..

Lmao Mom and I laughed after she left.. It was a bit funny that the respiratory therapist didn't say so much as a peep (non-breathing treatment related) until we casually brought up a hottie and then she jumped right in.. lol.   It gave us all a giggle despite the circumstances..


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