Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh Holey Night..

My kids are just falling to pieces..

I mean heck they have HOLES in them now. \

I give you Exhibit #1 :  

pls ignore the horrible angle of this shot. I blame the phone camera.

And Exhibit # 2 :

It's a butterfly.. Southern Darlin got the crowns & they no matchy.

And lastly Exhibits 3 & 4 :

Ack.. My arrows don't show up. Top 2 are new.

As  you can clearly see, my kids are now holey..  I'm surprised they didn't get #raptured (ha- I kid,  no one throw things!).

Southern Darlin' went first and gave a loud OW!! when they pierced hers but she was happy and no tears :)

Spoiled Princess went second and made not a peep- she was soo proud of herself and kept looking in the mirror and requesting I take pictures.

Drama Queen went last -- she bawled for 20mins when she got her first piercings at age I-forget-but-know-it was-at-least-2nd-grade-and-therefore-older-than-either-lil-girl  so I was wondering how the cartilage would go..   She made not a peep although if you look closely her eyes are a bit shiny.. *ahem*

Fishing Pole was not happy because Mean Momma that I am, I wouldn't let him get his 5yr old baby ears pierced.. and also wouldn't agree to let him get them done next year when he's 6 like Spoiled Princess.  Not fair!! Not fair at all!!   Sometimes life sucks, yes?


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