Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here it is May 11th and I haven't blogged in 9 days. 

I'm sure it's not a record for me but it's too long.

I have tons to talk about.

So much I want to say but don't get around to it.

First I should apologize for neglecting you.. My bloggy friends are the ones that hold me up and reassure me when I need it most.

With that said, I'll probably be playing catch up in the next few days so be on the lookout :)

Mother's Day was a good day for me. 

Spoiled Princess brought me home a homemade card (Love those!) and a flower that she grew in school.  The only problem was that she neglected to tell anyone it was in her bag on Friday and so by Sunday the poor thing was dry and wilted.. I'm kinda doubting it'll make it but I watered it and put it out .

Southern Darlin' also brought home a homemade card and as a bonus decorated her bag with the gift.. I shouldn't point out that she decorated the bag upside down but it was too funny :)  She made me a cute little ceramic basket to match one that Spoiled Princess brought home several weeks ago.  Adorable!

Fishing Pole insisted that he was going to make me something, he just didn't know.. lol.  Not that I can blame him, the boy is with me 24/7. No time!

Daddy Chaos got me two cards - the mushy kind that make you want to cry.  Love that man.

And then we set off for town- Auntie Anne's pretzels for lunch. YUM!  Shopping (mostly for kids clothes, but it was fun!) .. and PAINT! We bought paint for the kitchen.  Don't worry, I'm taking pics to unveil the new kitchen in stages once it's all done.

It was a good day and I felt loved despite the fact that I've been a raging bitch for the past couple of weeks.

I have not been myself at all this month.  I've yelled at kids over stupid things. I've said mean & hurtful things to everyone. I've just been seeing thru an angry red haze for no reason. 

Not to offer any excuses but I've had a migraine for days/weeks.

My neck is constantly hurting.

I'm puking from migraines which isn't fun when you have a not-quite-3yr old who gets into everything and you can't leave him alone for more than 2 seconds unless he's sleeping.  Case in point - I didn't hear him wake up this morning & went down to find he had stolen 3 glasses with tea in them off my nightstand (don't bother asking why I had 3 different glasses with varying amounts of tea left in them on my stand) and was in his bed playing with them. He was soaked, his bed was soaked and one of the glasses was broken in 3 pieces. 

My stomach doesn't know what the hell is going on and wants food but then doesn't.

I finally gave in and went to Daddy Chaos' chiropractor who did xrays and an exam.. then promptly told me that my neck is complete FUBAR.

One horse dumping resulting in wearing a lovely neck brace for weeks in my youth + 2 serious car wrecks = screwed up neck.    It tilts forward, it leans to the right, it's pressing the nerves at the very top into little angry nerve balls & causing pain.

This explains why I'm always in pain. 

This explains why my memory is shot.

(funny aside :  We went to school (3blocks away) to pick up Attitude King from baseball practice & Drama Queen requested we go grab her some food as she had a game.  So we ran home to grab my purse.. I ran inside and just as I laid hands on my purse, Daddy Chaos yells thru the open windows to grab Dimples a drink.  So I set the purse down, grabbed the drink & went back to the car.  We left & got in line @ the drive thru. Only after ordering did we realize that I had left my purse at home.  Back home to get the purse/money & back to the line again.. UGH!.  Only me.   I blame Daddy Chaos for distracting me.. lol.)

So the chiro thinks if I follow his strict schedule, he can have me at least 50% better in 4months.  Which although not the easiest, I can probably do..  It's the $1800 that he wants up front that puts a damper on my feelings of glee.  

$1800 to fix me but it's not guaranteed.. And then only fix me 50%..

I told him that I needed to sleep on it for a few days and would get back with him.   It's easier to say no way am I spending that kind of dough on myself right now when my neck/head aren't killing me. Which conveniently is right now.. 

When they are killing me, I'd probably pay that just to have someone shove an ice pic into my brain to stop the pain.

Something's gotta give I'm just not sure which it will be .



  1. Find another chiro is my suggestion. I see a dude who is kind of a pompous ass but he makes a point of saying if he can't help you in a few weeks then this is not the best choice of treatment.
    Being in pain will make a person crabby.

  2. Thanks Essie. Unfortunately this is the only chiro locally.. ugh. I've made an appt with the regular dr.. Sad as it sounds, if there's something medically that can be done it'd be alot cheaper since my deductibles & out of pockets are already met..


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