Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap -wk 1

Weeks are long.  Weekends too short.  Monday's suck.  This is life.

I'm convinced that no matter what I do over the weekends it flies by.  I can sit and do nothing all weekend long.. Just lounge around and watch movies and it's gone before I know it.   Or I can have it jam packed with activities and again, Poof!! Gone before I know it.

Which is the better approach? I don't know. 

So this weekend, we did a little of both.

We watched some movies :
Green Hornet - Daddy Chaos' choice .. Lots of action so if you like that kinda thing it was pretty good :)

No Strings Attached - I've been waiting on this one.  I think we all know what's going to happen. There is no such thing as Friends "with benefits" because someone always falls in love and gets hurt.  Despite it's predictability ( I think most chick flicks are predictable- not that this was a "chick flick" necessarily), it was great!  I love me some Ashton but definitely not child appropriate. *ahem*

Life as We Know It -  Another one I've been waiting for.  Definitely a chick flick but I have to say the best part was where a character's magic pe.nis was mentioned.. Fishing Pole laughed and said "MAGIC  PEANUTS??  ha ha ha.. He has magic peanuts..!!"   We had to pause the movie for laughter all around.
Also, I love me some Josh Duhamel.  I mean seriously.. Yum.
photo credit :

Other than movies, we also painted.. Yes painted some more in the   It's not completed because for some reason we are doing 1/2 of it at a time. Don't ask me why, I'm not in charge.. I guess it's good for comparing the old and new b/c I never realized quite how much I detested the old until I saw the new side next to it.. lol.

Let me show you :
The old
Ok for some reason the lighting is odd but it's this weird color that I don't really care for.. Plus they painted the cabinets the same color as the walls & only did the doors in white. Just looks weird is all I'm saying..

The new
 Again, how do you capture yellow? It never comes out right.. In this picture it looks like I am a crappy painter (which I am - I only paint wide open spaces and I rock them.. I make Daddy Chaos do all the trim work b/c I end up painting doors/windows/ people if I am forced to do anything delicate but that's not the point)

The point is that the wall is all one color and the lighting just makes it look silly. I can't capture the pale yellow at all but believe me it's prettyful.    Look to the left, that's the color that my room is.. Although in real life it looks a bit more yellow, a little less cream.

  We are painting the cabinets (entire cabinet & door) white so I think it will look nice.. For now half the room is done and half isn't.. but that's progress :)

Last but not least, over the weekend we met our newest baby.  I've been working on Daddy Chaos for a while because he was pretty adamant that our family was complete.  6 kids and 1 dog was PLENTY.  Some days, the bad days, I agree with him.  Our life can be pretty chaotic but it's what we are used to.  Sure some days even the normal chaos gets out of control.  But  what's just one more to the mix??

So meet the newest little girl in the family :

yeah, I know.. she's not a human baby.. but isn't she adorable??

How can you resist that face??  Drama Queen thinks she looks a tad crazy in this pic - crazy eyes she says..  I guess that just means she'll fit in well with our crazies.. lol.

As of right now, her shelter name is Mini Mae (yes we are getting her from a foster home- ironic isn't it?).  I may leave her as Mini but I am thinking I will probably change her name.  I tend to name my animals people names- sometimes ordinary sometimes exotic just like my kids.. lol.. All names that I would have named  a newborn had I had it right then. 

Past names-
Arianna ~ our border collie that came to us in between Drama Queen & Attitude King. She now resides at Gma's farm.
Leeloo ~ our calico kitty who came to us prior to any foster kids.  She also now lives on Gma's farm.  (name *borrowed* from 5th Element.. boy it's a good thing she came along when she did or Spoiled Princess may have ended up named that.. lol)
Kida ~ our chocolate lab - named from the Disney movie Atlantis.  Again lucky she came prior to Spoiled Princess.. lol.

And so it continues.. If Mini were a newborn that I were adopting I am almost certain I would name her Isabella Grace.. And so I do believe that our new addition will be Isabella aka Izzy.   She'll be joining the family later in the week.  We needed to finish up the kitchen painting and she needed to work on getting a little bit bigger :)

And that, my dears, was my weekend.  How was yours??



  1. We had a cat named Izzy once! She was sweet. Your kitty is adorable! Congrats!

  2. Aw, I love the kitty- she is so sweet! I bet she is stone cold crazy too, right? Kittens are my favorite but man they have energy. Hmmm, call her Spoon. That's my suggestion.


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