Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned before that I am a firm believer in signs. 

No, not a stop sign type sign.

Well I guess I do believe in those too because if I didn't obey them I'd probably get a lot of tickets..


I'm talking about things you experience or see that just seem like a sign that you're on the right path.  Naturally, like most- I also am a firm believer in only believing in said signs if they benefit me.. lol.  I'm fickle like that =)

This morning on the way to the dr with Drama Queen, she made a comment about how she wished all these ugly clouds would go away.  The sky was full of gray clouds and you could barely see any blue shining thru.

Naturally I took that moment to push thru my agenda and said "Gee, if we were in Florida right now I bet we'd have those gorgeous clouds to look at.. Not these ugly dreary skies."

*side note- if you haven't been to Florida before it's something that is pretty much known. Florida has special clouds.  Maybe Disney makes them, maybe it's something to do with so many beautiful beaches that need pretty clouds in the skies above to make it perfect.. I don't know.  I just know that the clouds there are different. *

So we went to the dr and then headed home.  This is what was waiting for us.

Gorgeous puffy clouds.
Beautiful skies that reminded us both of Florida.. 

But then I realized something..  Beyond the clouds I saw something else..

Wide open spaces.

(great, now I sound like a Dixie Chicks song..)

Tree lined streets..

Life where I live now is pretty awesome.  Do I really want to trade that in? 

I'm not sure what these signs are trying to tell me.  

Well except for the last picture.. 

The last picture was clearly telling me I was about to miss my turn to the post office on 3rd street.


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