Thursday, April 28, 2011

The CON list for moving far far away to help satisify my over-analyzing psychobabbling mind..

First I know you are thinking what I am , how can there possibly be CONs to moving to the "Happiest Place on Earth" ?  *cue bird singing *

I assure you there are some.  As Essie so kindly pointed out in yesterday's PRO post  there is always the :
"Fetid humidity, reptiles in your yard, mosquito-birds. "
Which I agree are definitely not in the plus side..  Let me also add  Fire ants, Gators and Rattlesnakes - all of which I would put on a negative side of things.

When I previously lived in the Sunshine State -many many moons ago- , we lived in the boonies.  The sticks.  The place where my local meth dealers would love to have access to so they could hide some bodies.

You could hear alligators making that weird noise they make out in the swamp.  If you haven't heard the noise, I can't really explain it but I would know it if I heard it again.

I can recall several rattlesnakes that were killed in our driveway- with a shovel.  

Firmly etched into my brain is the time that we left (in the car- thank goodness) only to find this HUGE Ass snake stretched entirely across our dirt road.  Mom ran that sucker over, backed up and ran it over again, drove forward and ran it over, backed up and ran it over- repeat x 10.  I have a huge fear of snakes probably brought on by my gma's insane fear of snakes & my years spent in the boondocks.

I still remember how badly a Fire Ant bite stings and itches.  I remember running around with meat tenderizer pasted all over my legs bc for some strange reason it took away the pain & itching.

Yet still I want to move there again.  Apparently I wasn't traumatized enough the first time around.   I do hold with the following thoughts though : If we move, it will be to a very populated town.  You never hear of gators roaming the streets & eating up children and small pets in this area.  I haven't not heard of rattle snake sightings here either.  Fire Ants are an evil best avoided.

Regardless, let's get on with my CONs list..

1. It's Far Away..

I've lived in my state for the majority of my life.  I spent a few of my younger years in Florida.. I spent the first 3 years of married life in Utah.  The rest of my 30some years have been spent in this general area. I'm used to this way of life.   Life in the Midwest is slower. It's comfortable.   I currently live in a town of  roughly 6,000 residents.  While my area of choice has a bit over 200k but is jam packed with many smallish towns so that the general area has a population of 2mil +/-.   Yes, I'd say the difference should be kind of obvious.  Life in general is just viewed differently with so many people.

2. New drs..

I am comfortable with the current vast team of drs that see my children. If we move, I will have to quickly seek out new drs and attempt to get comfortable with their abilities to take care of my kids. The lil boys have issues that require many specialists- it's not something I would look forward to.. this having to find new ones...

3. It's hot..

Ok I'm going to have to go with the advantage of no more bitter cold winters will more than beat out the incessant heat that we would have to deal with in the summer months.  Plus (at least in my experience) it seems to rain every darn day at 3pm in the summer  like clockwork, cooling things down.  And so I propose no leaving the air conditioned house unless absolutely necessary until after 3pm.  Plus hello- own pool in backyard.. We can cool off there = )

4. House/Job..

In order to move far far away, we need to sell our house, buy a house down there & Daddy Chaos needs to get a job there.  The problem is- what order to you do it?   Heaven forbid Daddy Chaos get a job there and then this house doesn't sell forever and a day.. We'd be stuck living apart- again.  It stinks too much of military life to me.  No way can we afford to pay a mortgage on this house & buy a house down there..  Although I can't really see selling this house and having no where to go either.. lol. See my problem?

5. Friends/Family..

I kinda did my Cons list in reverse order because this is the one thing that gives me the most pause when I think of packing up and moving.

I *think* I have my parents convinced to move with us.  Dad has too many health issues and scary times in the hospital that I just can't imagine leaving him behind and moving so far away.  I am always too scared of the "What ifs" to intentionally leave without him.  Mom is healthy and has been so I don't feel quite the same if that makes sense.. I think we have been thru so much with Dad. I have sat in the hospital at his side too many times to risk being too far away to be there when he might really need me.   That is one sticking point, if they won't agree to move then I won't move.  As crazy as it sounds knowing I'm a grown adult, I cannot emotionally handle it.  My gma died almost 4years ago and it changed me.  I was wrapped up in my own life, things were hectic and so I didn't go visit her in the hospital because she was going to come home the next day and I figured I'd see her then.  She never came home.  I can't risk it again.

If the parents agree to move too, I still have to think about leaving behind the good friends we've made here.. Cowie & her family who are like a 2nd family to my kids.  My only babysitter..  It's hard to imagine leaving and starting over again.   Change is hard for me sometimes..

Ok I think that's my list..  Right now my Cons are overwelming my mind but I still feel the pull to go..  Daddy Chaos is no help - he says he'll do whatever I want.. Crazy man.

Feel free to add to my list!

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  1. My ultra-conservative DH would say it's too liberal there, but I say "at least your vote matters!". I found you on SITS and am your newest follower. This month I'm hosting a blog hop on foster care. Won't you join us????


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