Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When I grow up...

In light of so many of my many little ones turning a year older, I thought I'd start a new annual post of what they want to be when they "grow up"..  It's fun to watch how things change over the years and why not jot it here where I won't lose it :)

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a mom.  That was my goal.  I was planning on having 10-20 kids, the number seemed to vary over the years but A LOT anyway.   I guess I kinda got my wish at 6 !  When I was pushed to be more professional - who's just a mom in this day and age? You need a CAREER.. I went with elementary teacher for a while (Thank the good Lord above that wish never came to fruition because O.M.Gawd I would have killed me some little kids.  I love my own kids madly but can't stand other people's.  No clue why, it's a mystery.) and for a brief stint in high school I was all for becoming an accountant. 

God I was/am a geek.   Numbers still enthrall me.  There's just something relaxing about balancing a checkbook- as long as it's not my own.. Hmm, opposite of the kid thing..

Anyhoo, as we all know- I amounted to nothing more than a mom.  My career track cut short when I skipped college to have a kid. Which some people will say was a failure.  I say I got exactly what I wanted (although some days I might wish for a calculator and quite office) and apparently I was smart enough to know it from the time I could talk =)

So enough about me- let's move onto the munchkins..

Drama Queen (age 15) - immediately says Doctor.  When pressed to be more precise- Obstetrician is her answer (and has been for a few years now) because she only delivers the child and doesn't have to deal with them past that!    *I'd like to break in to say that prior to the whole MD thing, Drama Queen has always (since the time she could talk) wanted to be an actress/singer.   We shall see if it plays out like my life did..

Attitude King (age 13) - *laughs nervously* and after much thought says " I dunno".  When pressured, he randomly throws out  CIA agent or in the Army  Navy (I can't stand to fly anywhere.. my ears pop & hurt too bad.. and if I'm in the Navy I can just ride the ship, right?).  I hate to tell him but we be an Air Force family so it's gonna have to be that or nothing- Momma votes for nothing & staying safe at home forever!

Southern Darlin' (age 7) - A princess because they are soo pretty. Or a Mom! A princess is an improvement, she used to claim that she wanted to be a bus driver..

Spoiled Princess (age 6) -
a cowgirl!! I want to be a fairy but if I can't be a fairy then I want to be a cowgirl! Yeehaw!!  Or I want to be a princess!!

Fishing Pole (age 5) -  always responds with either A Dinosaur!  A Shark!!  or the most recent A Sea Turtle!!

TheToddler (age- almost 3)-   Ok well TheToddler doesn't really talk much yet so I can't exactly ask him what he wants to be.. From what we know about him, we pretty much all have him being our Famous athlete.. Probably baseball, possibly soccer or football.   Have I mentioned that he chipped my windshield by throwing a bakagaun  ball at it from his carseat?  The boy has an arm on him! 



  1. Nothing more than a mom?
    I think being a mom, and doing it well, is a hard job that requires a lot of skills. When you adopt children with special needs, or have children with special needs, you become a professional. Like it or not! I dare say, most careers only use about 25% of the skills you have to develop to parent.

  2. Essie, I had the VERY same thoughts. Momma Chaos, I have your address. Don't make me come up there....

  3. It's ok girls! I agree that being "just a mom" takes a lot of work some days. Especially if, like all of us, you have special needs kids. It kinda sucks to have a job that you get no vacation & no sick leave from but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm just saying that society as a whole seems to view being "just a mom" as less than stellar. We are viewed as the lazy ones who sit at home watching our soaps & eating bon bons all day while the kids run amuck. Sure that might happen on an occasional day (Ha!) but being a mom is definitely a job. I just don't think that unless that IS your job, you view it as important. kwim?


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