Friday, March 4, 2011

Drama Queen Blogs - Take 1


A new sensation… people around the world have had their socks knocked off their feet. Do you have the feeling like you have been sick, or something just absolutely crazy has happened and you want to scream at the top of your lungs that today is a great day?

Have you ever had something that you held so dear, and you keep it with you throughout the years?  A tee you got at a concert, a teddy bear from your childhood, an album from your favorite band?  Well, we need answers… there is something that is going on, and it is happening in YOUR neighborhood.  Yes I said YOUR neighborhood, and others, and we need suggestions of what could possibly be going on.

Many teen girls and young women have gone bonkers. Parents are noticing that their daughters have this dazed look in their eyes.  Boyfriends have turned jealous over what is keeping their girlfriends so preoccupied.  Little 5 year olds have even started to get this “disease”.  What is happening to the women population of the world?  Are the men just too clueless? There is only one person in the world that is everyone’s new best friend, love of their life, the person that makes girl’s eyes twinkle. 

5 minutes later……

We have breaking news!  Scientist have now discovered that women have gotten what they call “Bieber Fever”.

The cause of this “fever” is teen sensation Justin Bieber… there is no cure, but to listen to even more of  Justin’s music. 

*we love you Justin!*

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