Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have a sore throat.  Which, quite frankly, has nothing to do with you but it's bugging me and I thought I'd share. I'm nice like that.

I've discovered that if I constantly eat or drink, my throat doesn't hurt.  Too bad I'm almost out of snacks in the house.  I do have that huge tub of bubblegum ice cream though.. hmmm...


Soo, I got this awesome recipe for homemade pasta sauce from a friend. It makes a huge ass crockpot full and then I can it up to use later.  Cheaper than buying pasta sauce plus I know everything that's in it.   So far I have made the batch recipe 3 times now.   One problem- every single time I end up with a different # of jars filled to can.  

The first time it filled 5 Quart jars no problem.

The second time it filled 4 Quart jars (wide mouth).  I sat and looked at it for a while and discussed with Daddy Chaos whether Wide mouth jars were in fact bigger than normal mouth jars even though they are both supposed to be Quart jars and therefore should have held the same amount..

And then I made my third batch -- 3 jars.  Seriously?? WTH!!   I have no flippin clue what's happening other than perhaps my crockpot has developed a taste for the pasta sauce and is somehow absorbing it?   Gahhh!!

Three of the kids had dr appts yesterday. 

Fishing Pole had his kindergarten physical (aww) and got 3 shots.  He screamed like a little girl until I informed him that they were done & he promptly quit.   He immediately announced that Shots are STUPID and has stood by that statement since then. 

TheToddler had his 3yr physical a tad bit early but now has a lovely referral over to the rehab place for OT for sensory issues.. All our other concerns are to be brought up to the appropriate specialists when we see them again.

Southern Darlin' had an appt at the children's hospital that is 2+hrs away.  It went well & we are released from their care unless we have a future need.

One great thing about the Children's hospital is that they are always so accommodating with our schedules and acknowledge that we have a long drive so try to make it convenient for us. So our appt didn't begin until 4pm & our GI specialist (whom I love deeply) also spent 10mins talking to me about her thoughts on TheToddler (a child who is not a patient of hers) so we didn't get out of there until 5pm at which point the kids were absolutely STARVING to death.    So I stopped at Arby's and grabbed them Jr roast beefs.  I <3 their Dollar Menu.  

I tossed their food to them and proceeded to drive towards home.  My *you need gas you dumb @ss* light came on & so I stopped at the gas station and promptly went into shock -$3.55/gal??! OMG.

And finally because I am that mom... I stopped at Panera for my own supper.. lol.  Yep, buy the kids off the dollar menu & then go buy yourself something that cost more than all their food combined. Ohh well.   As I was getting in line for Panera (ours has a drive thru, aren't you jealous?!) I couldn't find my debit card....  So I parked the car and spent the next 10mins tearing the car apart trying to find it.   I finally gave up and decided that I must have somehow thrown it away while I was tossing garbage at the gas station.  Near tears at the thought of losing my life line (I never carry cash), it finally hit me... GAS station.   Hello?? Idiot? You got gas.. What did you do with your card after you got gas? 

I sat there and slowly thought it thru again only to realize my debit card was safe and sound... in my pocket... For the love of bacon!! I'm an idiot but at least I got my food.


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