Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Monday- Take 1,342, 670

So much randomness to share today.

#1. I have officially finished off the ice cream from Valentine's day. I was surprised I got thru it so quickly.. yes, I have no willpower apparently.  Daddy Chaos seems intent on pampering me & he managed to get the ice cream shop to sell him one of their huge containers (3.5gals) of Bubble Gum ice cream at their cost!

I was nice enough to split this monster with Cowie - because she loves it as well.  It's probably one of the reasons we are such good friends- it's not often you find another grown up that is in love with BG ice cream.. lol. Although I now know Tara loves it as well soooo, she is offiically in the BG ice cream BFF club!  Regardless, I keep Cowie around to make me feel better about my ice cream habits. You see, we split the container up on Saturday and I have yet to get into my ½ while she has finished 2 of her 6 containers that we filled.. Ha! :) Gotta love her !

#2. Cheerleading for the little girls ended this weekend.  With it's end we have learned two very important things -
Spoiled Princess watching her sis cheer! (and cheering in her seat.. lol)

a) Spoiled Princess LOVES cheerleading. She's outgoing and does pretty darn good.

b) It was too early to let Southern Darlin' try a sport.  We thought we'd give it a shot because she really wanted to do it but uhmm no. She quickly discovered that it's not so much fun when you have the attention span of a gnat. I mean the teachers wanted her to actually listen and do what they said.. Geesh!  She finished it out b/c I asked her to ( just do your best, don't quit) but will not be doing it next year.   She was much happier getting to sit in the bleachers with us & watch her sister than when she actually had to go out and do stuff.  

#3. As you may have read earlier, we went to see the @JustinBieber movie and some of us *ahem* chose not to recycle our 3D glasses but to bring them home.  The girls all bling'd theirs out and I just gave mine to TheToddler to play with.
look I actually got a pic of his face! 

Fishing Pole's  *cool dude* look. 
#4.  The little girls have gotten to an age where they are starting to realize embarrassing things.  For example- they love to tease Attitude King about random things.  The other day it was:
Attitude King likes  girls!  ewww!

and when that failed to get a rise out of him.. Spoiled Princess upped the ante :

Attitude King likes PINK!!  *snicker*

Quite honestly it gets us all giggling with the silly things they come up with. :)  I'm sure it doesn't help that he's a nice big brother and plays dress up with them... I do have a picture that I am saving for blackmail of my bigger than me almost 13yr old son wearing orange & pink fairy wings.. lol.

#..5?? Drama Queen has been writing short stories and songs for a while.  She's begged off and on to be able to have a blog (ugh!).    Due to some sneaking around (don't we all love teens?) she's been pretty much banned from the internet.  I have recently loosened the reins a tiny bit.  She now has a twitter acct (but no facebook because I am a mean and horrible mom) where I'm sure she is going to go goo goo over @JustinBieber.  So if you wanna follow her, she will be excited.. I can't guarantee it'll be interesting but who knows :)  The mind of a 15yr old again- scary!  I have also decided to let her write a few posts for this blog occasionally before I let her have her own- again cuz I'm mean like that :)   So be on the look out :) She's actually a pretty darn good writer , if I do say so myself :)

**Edited to add that apparently I am lame and it's Tuesday not Monday.. But we'll just pretend it's Monday after all :)


  1. I don't think I have ever had bubble gum ice cream! I need to fix that, I think!

  2. Bubble Gum ice cream is difficult to find.. I spent a LOT of time back in 95 searching when I was pg with Drama Queen and the addiction was born :) Once you find a good place that carries it- you have to keep buying it so they won't quit carrying it LOL! Good luck in your search :)

  3. We need to sit down and have some good ol' BG ice cream!!!!!! Ymmmy!!!!


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