Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great Blizzard 2011

Like everyone else in my area of the country (side note: if it's nice and warm where you are, I don't want to hear it), I'm busily preparing for the lovely "blizzard" that is coming.  I concede that I have no faith in the weather forecasters but I wouldn't mind a blizzard that snowed us in for a few days. Adventure!!

We did grocery shop last nite-  not because we're all "ooh a blizzard" but because we were all "dang, there's no food in this house".   It was amusing to watch everyone run to the staples & load their carts up.  Most the bread was gone, although if you want buns- you're good.

Dump all the snow you want on me, big bad blizzard but pretty please no power loss this time around.. Pretty please?

We lost power in the big ice storm a few years back. It was such fun. No power for a few days and 1 kid on nebulizer treatments.. I took him to the van and plugged it in there to do them. Yeah, fun times.   Have you ever sat in an enclosed vehicle & ran a nebulizer?  For future reference, I think we ALL go a neb. treatment and that crap gives me a headache!

This blizzard season, I have 2 kiddos on neb. treatments right now.  Please, don't let me lose power.  Please.   I don't care if we get snowed in for a week- I've got food a plenty but ooh I do not want to deal with the neb in the car again.  ugh.

This reminds me to add Gas Stove to my lists of must haves this year.  I add it every year but then it gets summer and I forget why exactly I really wanted a gas stove.. Oops.

So now I'm off to nebulize my kiddos and make up a list of things for Daddy Chaos to pick up on his way home from work, just so I can make him go fight the crowds and come home with new stories for me :)

Happy Blizzard peeps!


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