Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yet another #MommyFail

How is it that there seem to be absolutely NO size 13 snow boots anywhere? Ugh..

Southern Darlin’ has had a foot only growth spurt and her snow boots no longer fit.  It is completely a mystery to me how kids can go along just fine and then all the sudden their feet jump up two sizes virtually overnight.

So here we are in a winter wonderland with no snow boots on one of 6 kids. Naturally it's just my luck that we have a 2hr delay.. You just watch, school will be canceled and then I'm gonna be in knee deep.  How does that work? Does everyone now have to stay in from playing in the snow so she doesn’t get left out?  Do I let the others go play and try to make it up to her?? Do I send her out in sneakers (eek!)?

Next year I’m going to be better prepared. I’ll buy several extra pairs of snow boots (when they are still on the shelves) in bigger sizes so I can avoid just this scenario.    yeah, we both know that isn’t going to happen.. lol.  I can dream though.



  1. Got some size 1's and 2's white/pink ones I can give you for next winter.....some size 2 boys's too, but I'm guessing it will be awhile before your guys are able to fit into them. Snow suits too if you want them!

  2. Ohh I do! I do!! Thanks a million darlin'!

    Lol, yes it will probably be a while til the boys are that size. Fishing Pole wears 9-10's & TheToddler wears 5-6's. lol


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