Monday, January 17, 2011

Still there?

Hello!! Helloooo!  Hallllllllooooooooooooooooo!

Anyone still out there?  I get in spurts where I write a few posts in a day and then a week goes by and I get nothing down on paper.

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 6.


Six years since she was born.

Six years since we started this foster care journey & got that exciting call for our first placement. 

But that's a story for tomorrow, not today.

Life has been... well it's been life I guess.

Spoiled Princess has some tummy problems and we are trying to get to the bottom of that.  Poor thing is pathetic and has tummy pains A Lot. So much that it's disrupting school. She loves school so that makes it worse for her because she's missing some of class due to her tummy pains.

Southern Darlin' is doing well mentally. Her newest meds really seem to be helping and she wants to take them. Sure she still has a few break thru behavioral issues but overall it's helping her in school and that's what counts.. Now we just have to figure out how to help her with actually learning.  Her meds help her pay attention but she is still behind in basically everything. I'm at a loss on how to help her at this point.  We're having a team meeting soon, so hopefully they can come up with new ideas.

Fishing Pole is... in his "bad" phase. He goes along great for a few months and is such a wonderful little boy. He's full of happiness & soo good.  And then something flips in his brain and he becomes this other boy.  One that is constantly doing something to pick and pick and pick at  you. He breaks things, he hits, he bites holes in his mouth or pulls back his cuticles to make himself bleed.  He has meltdowns over silly things that last FOREVER and is unable to be calmed down. These "bad" phase lasts for much longer than the "good" phase but once you hit the "good" phase, you completely forget about how rotten he really was.  I have a hard time even writing about it because I don't want the proof down on paper that my little boy can act like this. I like to live in the good times if I can.  Therapy isn't doing much so far but we've only just started. ...

It's always something around here and right now it seems like it's all happening at once.  I keep planning on writing more about it but it seems to make it even more depressing.  If that's even possible.

Tune in tomorrow for a much more upbeat post !  As long as I get around to doing it :) lol



  1. I hear ya! Hope she gets to feeling better asap!

  2. Ugh, hang in there. We are in the bottom of a down spiral too. I don't know what is going on but it seems like a lot of kids are having a rough time. Usually this is a good time of year.

  3. Just found your blog, and can so relate :)


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