Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unwarranted excitement..

Out of Area

I absolutely abhor seeing that on my caller id.

It used to just be a dr calling, although why they think it's acceptable to be listed as "Out of Area" I do not understand.  I do not agree with it but I accept it.  It's usually the children's hospital and one of their private numbers.  So whatever. I dealt.

Then I started getting some lovely telemarketer calls that came thru as "Out of Area" and seriously?? that just pisses me off.    I do not <3 telemarketers.  The only thing worse than telemarketers is the new fad to have a computer call you and start the selling before you even get a real person.  It's just not as satisfying to hang up on a computer.  Sad but true.

But the absolute worst "Out of Area" is DCS.* 

You see, I used to be able to know when to get excited if the phone rang.  Caller id would clearly state DCS in big bold flashing letters while screaming PICK ME UP! Hurry! Run! Recently, the state in it's quest to  "fix" things has switched to having regions and placement workers.  Before it was the actual caseworkers that called to make placements and now we have 2 ladies who take care of all placements within 5 counties.  Sure the caseworkers still call after hours but during the day, it'll be the placement workers..  I like the new system but it was almost ruined for me by my very first placement call- Out Of Area.  

NOOOOO!  How can they do this?    Now whenever the phone rings and I see "Out of Area" on the caller id, I get that nervous excitement in my stomach.  And then it's just a stupid computer telemarketer trying to sell me spam.  Shit.  Someone needs to fix this and fast.. I do not want to be unnecessarily excited over crappy telemarketer calls.  Blah!

*Yes we decided to continue to be active foster parents.  IF we get any placements, we shall see.  We did get one call but due to the ages, we had to decline.  Keep your fingers crossed!*

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