Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's January Dammit!

Something about our weather has been disturbing this year.

I have lived in this area for *most* of my life.  You come to expect what you are you used to over and over every year.  Apparently someone didn't get the memo because this year is seriously whacked.

It stayed warm longer than normal.

Then it got cold like it was supposed to, only Mother Nature apparently thinks it's fun to screw with us & it got warm AGAIN.  I'm talking 60* in December.. I'm sorry but I do not live in a southern state where this might be the norm..  Usually I think high 30's is warm around here in the winter. New Year's Eve it was 60* !!  I think Mother Nature is going thru menopause.

Other than the temperatures, it just doesn't look like January in the midwest here.  It's seriously messing with my head.

While absolutely beautiful, this is not what it is supposed to look like here in the winter.  Beautiful sunsets are reserved for summer time.

This is what it's supposed to look like around here right now :
Snow on the ground and white dreary skies.  It's JANUARY. It's supposed to be Dreary!  Thank you to whoever finally woke Mother Nature up and got her to cooperate. I felt much better waking up to my ugly dreary skies.  It just feels right.


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