Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am feeling productive even though in reality I've gotten very little done.

No housework was done today-  so much for being a better housewife this year. Drats.

I did make stew- which smells interesting.  The kids are all trying to declare that they either love or absolutely do not like (we don't allow the word Hate here) it even though it's not even done.   Spoiled Princess announced that if it tastes like it smells then she is not going to like it. Period.    Normally I make beef stew with a seasoning packet but I was introduced to The Pioneer Woman and have been making recipes off her site since then.   So if it's crap then we'll just blame her and I get points for cooking from scratch, right?  There's always PB&J..  I will say that the chicken strips are to die for and I even made up a huge batch to freeze.. We'll never buy chicken strips from town again.

Anyway..  So I have beef stew cooking & I got out some frozen dough to make 2 loaves of bread- which I probably shouldn't have admitted to using frozen dough because it kinda takes away my whole cooking from scratch points.  Oh well.

Back to what I've gotten done today.

~ Made stew.

~ Got bread out of freezer in time to thaw and rise for supper (bonus points because I usually forget to do that and then we end up with no bread).

~ Made well check ups for Drama Queen, Southern Darlin' & Spoiled Princess.. They all just had birthdays and need their well checks.  The receptionist quickly informed me that there is no way they can do three physicals in a row. (WTH?? ) I convinced her that it didn't have to be right away because they are well checks so I'm happy to wait a little while for the convenience of doing all three at once. When you have 6 kids with a zillion dr appts, anything to cut down the time spent in the dr is worth it.  She gave me appts in early March.  I guess I shouldn't have stressed quite so much that I was willing to wait a while.

~ synced up my calendars.  Yes that was plural.  I have three. One on my phone, one on my computer (although not gmail so it doesn't auto sync with the phone.. ugh) and one hand written in my purse.   There always comes a time when I don't sync them up and make appts in different ones that conflict.  UGH.  I don't know why I have three, I just do and I can't get rid of any of them.

~ redid all of the kids medical info cards. I always carry them around because quite honestly with 5 of the 6 on meds, I need it written what exactly they take.

~ made Southern Darlin' a dermatology appt.

~ tried to make Spoiled Princess a GI appt but alas their computers are down so I have to call back tomorrow.. Don't they realize that I might not find the time (or remember for that matter) to call back tomorrow? Geez.

~ made TheToddler another neurology appt.

And that is that.   Tomorrow I need to get the GI appt for SP and maybe one for TheToddler (I've been kinda waiting on the medicaid to get switched to the proper name -long story). I need to fold laundry and quite frankly do some more.  I need to call the dentist about appts for Spoiled Princess, Fishing Pole & Southern Darlin'.  They are all due for cleanings anyway but Spoiled Princess has a new "shark" tooth issue going on which I'm told can be completely normal but still I like to have things checked.
It's insanely hard to get a proper picture of the shark tooth.
 I'm tired just thinking about it all.  But now it's time to go peel the potatoes & carrots for the stew that no one in the house plans on eating except me.  *sigh*


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