Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaBloPoMo #fail

Don't ask me what happened.. I was doing so good! Yesterday, I took the little boys off to the hospital to spend some time with Cowie, Shannon & TheToddler's newly born fiancee.  Who can resist a tiny baby to snuggle?

Beyond that, I may have forgotten to mention that cardiology has finally decided to humor me with my paranoid worry about the sleep study & heart pauses and hooked us up with an event monitor for 30days.  Yay!

We put the monitor on this past Wednesday.  It is amazing how technology advances so much. It still has a button to push whenever I see symptoms (blue lips, lethargic, ect) but it also will auto sense arrhythmias as well as too low or high of a heart rate. It senses these and automatically records them.   Even better, it will automatically send all transmissions - those I button pushed & those auto sensed- via cell towers.   Coolness.

Now you all know me, I'm overly paranoid and a bit of a control freak.  So while I love that it can autosense and automatically send these episodes, I don't love that it doesn't shout out to me that it's doing it.   So I'm constantly taking a peek at the monitor as TheToddler walks past.

Day 1- we didn't put it on til late afternoon.  Total of 3 transmissions, all automatic.   I was thinking, wow- cool. 3 auto transmissions so obviously something's going on.. I felt a little bit vindicated in pushing for it. I got one phone call from them requesting an additional reading, which seemed a little weird but I went with it.

Day 2- Total of 8 transmissions -1 button push, 7 auto.  2 call backs from them  which went a little something like this :
Monitor peeps: I'm calling to speak to the parent of TheToddler.
Momma: You've got me.
Monitor peeps:  How is he feeling right now? Is he lethargic? Pale? Can you please press the record button so we can get another reading??

And so I'd push the record button and do another reading, wondering what in the heck they saw to make them concerned.. This happened all the time with Drool Prince's recordings but he was actually passing out when his recorded.

Day 3- Total of 7 recordings- 3 button pushes, 4 auto transmissions.  Only 1 call for additional reading & all the questions..

Day 4- Yesterday, the day I failed NaBloPoMo-- dudes, this is my excuse.
Total of  19 recordings - only 3 of those were me pushing the button.. Several were recordings one after another .  Yesterday was freaky.  I  only had them call and request more readings twice but they sounded very freaked out & even asked if I was at home...

I should note- that when I say it did x amount of auto recordings, it may have done more but it did at least this many. I keep a journal of symptoms & when I push the button. So if I happen to look at the monitor and see it recording, I'll write down what he's doing, looks like ect in the journal too.

Day 5- Only 10 total recordings so far today, which seems like  a lot but I swear yesterday it seemed like it was recording All the Freaking time!

So as you can see, my mind has been elsewhere..

I'm glad it's picking up everything and recording.

I'm glad I fought for the monitor..

I'm even more worried about TheToddler.

I'm still worried that despite all of this, they are going to come back and tell me it's all artifact.

I kinda hoped we'd get the monitor and it wouldn't auto record anything at all.  That would have made me happy.  I would love to be wrong in this particular case.

I need a vacation from life.


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  1. Whoa...I'd be paranoid too! How can you not be? Technology is cool though...I'm constantly amazed by health care technnology!


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