Thursday, November 11, 2010

Babies in love

My future daughter - in-law was born today.

Roughly 2hrs ago.

I haven't been up to see her yet but I have a picture on my phone and ohh the grandbabies that I will have in 25yrs or so!

You see, her mother and I set up the betrothal months ago, it's a match made in heaven. Momma's always know best, right?

The Toddler is 2 ½ yrs older than her which allows him time to mature as we know all men need to do before marriage. It's perfect.  Utterly perfect.. Ohh and I'm really hoping that she has good hair because TheToddler?? he has Awesome hair!

Now you know where I"ll be tonite. Introducing the two lovebirds.  *sigh*

Just thought you'd want to know.. And see, I marked it here for all to see- just wait I'll come back when they get married with pictures :)

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