Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Randomness

First, the most important thing..

Let me introduce you to my two new SONS!!

Yes, my dears.. The adoption was finalized on Nov. 19th.  AT LAST!!  Mine! Mine! All Mine!! :)  TheToddler got his hair did.. All braided prettiness. Although Gma Chaos claims it makes him look like a girl, I love it.  He, however, screamed the entire time. Little turd. Anyhoo... I'm going to do another post on the actual adoption (with pics!) and all the drama that led up to it - because we all know my life is not mine w/o drama every second.. ugh!  The important thing is that it's over and the boys are officially "Chaoses" now.


Cpap is crap.

I absolutely abhor this machine. 

We have been trying it at nap times and bedtime for a month now.

TheToddler is supposed to wear it any time he sleeps. Period. 

He wears his mask just fine.  Yay. 

However, once you hook it up to the machine he Fuh-Reaks out!!

So now I put him to sleep first and slowly ease it on.  

He'll tolerate it for a while but he won't tolerate a high enough rate (it slowly ramps up) to stop his apnea episodes and so he wakes up and then goes into 100% panic mode and rips it off his face screaming.

I hate it!!

I feel like this big meanie monster making him wear it knowing he's going to wake up and freak out.. Plus then he won't go back to sleep.  UGH!  Naps that used to be 2-3 hrs are now 45mins max.  And then we have crazy boy to contend with until bedtime when we get to start all over again.

Yeah, it's fun. 


We are on Day 13 of TheToddler wearing the event monitor to discover what is going on with his little heart.   Yet another piece of technology that I both love and loathe at the same time.  After having it go off 20+ times one day, I finally gave in and called Nurse Heart to see if she could give me some kind of heads up on what was going on.  
No such luck.  Instead I was told that Dr Heart is viewing the readings three times a day and if she saw something "life threatening emergency" then she'd have called me. Ok, fine. Still something is going on.  It looks like we'll have to wait til the month's up to find out what it is. Blah! 

Who watched the #AMAs?  I rarely watch these things because Daddy Chaos just doesn't have the patience for it.  But Twitter was all a buzz with #AMAs and it drew me in. 
First and foremost-  

Bon Jovi?  Totally on my bucket list.   I have never been to a single concert. any concert. Ever.   I really want to do a Bon Jovi one.. one of these days. 

Pink- Raise your glass.   I love Pink. I love most all her music.  Heck I even like this song but every. single. time. she says "Why so serious"  Heath Ledger pops into my head.
Photo Credit
I'm still sad that he's gone and we'll get no more movies with his adorable face & voice.  And heck we didn't really even get to see/hear his adorableness (is too a word) as the Joker because it was covered w/makeup and he was kinda evil.. Which sounds completely selfish, so yes I'm sad that he's gone =period. Not just for my own benefit.   So, Pink- thanks for the great song but not for the reminder.

Marry Me by Train- worth watching just for this.  I am so in love with this song right now. Yeah, I know it makes me a sappy little girl but there you have it.  If I were going to I Still Do and renewing my vows- I'd totally have this song playing.  #iadmitImsappy  Alas, I'm not going unless a money and babysitting fairy were to arrive on my doorstep.. But I will play along vicariously thru twitter.

Taylor Swift - Don't ask what draws me to her.. She's my secret embarrassment.  The one that as a Mom, I don't normally admit to listening to or at least claim I only listen to her because my 14yr old does.   In reality, my 14yr old is more embarrassed that I have the nerve to like Usher and Eminem.  How Dare I?  geez!

And really my peeps, that is all that mattered on the #AMAs.

In case you were wondering, during the course of writing this post- TheToddler woke up from his cpap and ripped it off screaming.  Yet another cpap #fail. 



  1. Congrats--- and wow, its a two-fer! They are adorable.

  2. yay! I'm so happy for you. We finalized too....I think your guys are mighty cute

  3. My husband needs a CPAP machine and he cringes about it. He's an adult and isn't handling it well. I can't imagine how TheToddler feels. Poor lil dude!


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