Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little things..

It's funny how little things affect us.

For example- one would think that belly buttons would be a fairly safe topic. Except they aren't.

Belly buttons gross me out.. Now don't get me wrong, I think they are cute and as a teen I soo wanted my belly button pierced!  But if you start messing with them- I gag.

A friend is pregnant and due soon.. Her belly button has gotten to that point that it's not an inny, it's not an outy, it's just flat.   That grosses me out. I can no longer feel her tummy and try to get my future daughter-in-law to kick me in fear that I might touch the belly button that is no more.

Cowie recently had her appendix out. They do it laproscopically [yeah I can't spell big words..oops] and that involves your belly button..  She tried to tell me about it but I started gagging.. Seriously.. It's bad.

Daddy Chaos has been told and now it will be here on the internet forever- if anything ever happens to me and they need to take out my appendix or gallbladder or anything - CUT ME OPEN.. I swear if anyone goes near my belly button, I will hurt them.

Now seriously, who would think that something as innocent as a belly button would cause such a reaction?  Weird, huh?

Another thing that's making me gag this week is chocolate.. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate..  It's all Daddy Chaos' fault.

He made me watch American Wedding with him last nite.. I was prepared because I know how *ahem* inappropriate those movies can get..   I was not prepared for The Stiffmeister to pop a dog turd coated ring in his mouth claiming it was a truffle..

I seriously dry heaved.


I had to toss TheToddler , who was sleeping peacefully on me, at Daddy Chaos and run.. It was scary for a moment..  Even typing it out makes me gag.

I fear what this means for chocolate sales.  I sincerely want a bag of  m&m pretzels but I fear the chocolate factor might induce gagging..


Let's end with a nice little thing that made me smile today was that I discovered they sell onesies in a size 3T.. Who knew?   I grabbed some up smiling my evil smile.. I now have a way to keep DroolPrince's incisions covered so he can't pick at them and take the steri strips off.. YES!


  1. Ahhh...belly buttons. The laporscopic surgeries through the button isn't as bad a it sounds, 'cause they didn't actually go through mine (just slightly below). One thing I REALLY hate is when someone thinks it's funny to do the doughboy and stick their fingers in the button or to tickle.

  2. See even just close to it is too close for me! lol. Ick! Just cut me open, I'll take the scar instead.. Really I don't mind!

  3. For some reason I couldn't comment on your Today's (Monday) post. Go figure. Anyway, I'm also on blogger and found that there IS a way to get comment updates sent to your e-mail. Go to Dashboard and click Settings, then Comments, then scroll down to the bottom to comment notification (e-mail). Then enter your e-mail address. You should get updates any time someone comments on your blog. :)


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