Monday, October 25, 2010


I've never once said that I know what I'm doing here.   I just want to get that out before we begin.  In fact, I'll fully admit that I have absolutely no idea what in the world I'm doing.  I just write and don't deal with all the technical stuff.

So with that said- I need some advice.

#1. Obviously the blog is here at Blogger.. I'm contemplating buying my own domain so instead of coming to  you can just come to www.******.com [we all know that's not the real address, right?].  Give it to me - Pros & Cons..  And if you're for it, where do I go to buy it?

#2. Comments.. I really detest the comment system that comes with blogger.. I'm currently playing around with a few other options I've found but it's still not what I want. I want the code to have a simple looking comment.. It'll ask for Name, email addy & blog site.  I really want the email option because I love getting little emails from blogs I comment on.  I do try to respond to my comments but since I rarely get anyone's email, I have to respond ON the blog.. I don't know about you but normally once I comment, I don't go back to the same post again so  I rarely see followup comments.   So where do I get this code?? Here's some examples of what I want ::

Aunt Becky has the simple comment system, although I'd prefer the comment fill out portion on the top of the comments vs at the bottom.

Angie at A Whole Lot of Nothing has the same one too..

Amanda has it as well although you have to click Post a Comment on hers, so I'd rather not have to do that.. 

Ok so tell me peeps.. Where do I get the code or whatever so I can have the simple comment stuff like them??  Tell me! Pretty please!   yes, I know I"m pathetic.. lol

Oh yeah, and before you leave.. Head over to the review blog and take a peek at the book list that is currently sitting on my nightstand.. I'm working on individual reviews as I get them read :)

** Side note to say that somehow the comments are missing from this particular post but no others- go figure?  Karma??  Please email me or comment on another page with advice! xoxo!