Friday, October 22, 2010

Brrrr! Honey it's cold outside..


It's cold out!!

I know, I know.. You're thinking "Momma Chaos, come on it is late October."   Yes it is late Oct but Mother Nature is screwing with the thermostat lately and it's been really warm.. So to be hit with COLD all the sudden.. Well I'm just not ready.

 I just had to get that out! :)  I mean I love fall.. All the pretty colors and all.

It's such a pretty time of year.. But I'm sorry, whoever is running the thermostat needs to understand that in Momma's world there is absolutely NO reason for my phone to tell me it's anywhere in the 30's.  Heck 40's is pushing it.   30's is firmly for winter.  Winter with snow.. Not pretty fall leaves.. ugh.

Also what is with my flowers?  You might remember that Daddy Chaos and I planted some pretty daisies this summer.  We were all excited about our first attempt at flowers and naturally they bloomed, looked pretty & promptly died.  Or so I thought.

Apparently they decided to wait til it was cold, get this huge bushy looking background (which honestly made me wonder is it flower or is it weed?) and Bloom again.. Go figure. Maybe this is normal daisy behavior or maybe mine are just extra special?  I prefer to not google it & pretend mine are special. They decided to resurrect themselves just to make me happy and add a little more color to my fall (even if it's winter temps).  Don't ruin my dreams!

Before I leave ya, I did want to say thanks for the comments, tweets & facebook love regarding Drool Prince's unexpected surgery  and my worries about TheToddler.  I'll do another post soon giving you all the deets (and pics.. ohhh ahhh), but very briefly :
*Drool Prince is recovering & doing well!
*TheToddler is still having blue spells, asleep & awake.  I lay awake most nites poking him when I see him not breathing.  DrBitch called to tell me that he really needs to see a cardiologist b/c the sleep study showed A Lot of sinus pauses (duh, tried to tell you .stupid bitch) and we are still waiting to hear what his cardio has to say.  Ohh and I did try again to get her to give me a pulse oximeter or apnea monitor now that she's seen the pauses & just admitted that they were serious.. She still says NO and will actually recommend to any other dr not to give it to me because we want to child to sleep.. Yes, yes we do want him to sleep but we also want to be sure he wakes up again.  ugh.

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