Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday- I *heart* Daisies

Another Tuesday has come and almost gone.. It slipped away so quickly that I almost forgot to post a pic for Sweet Shot Tuesday..  See, I told you I never stick with anything...

I took many good pics this week that I wish I could share, alas they were either of  M&M who I dont have permission from her Mama to post or of Drool Prince/TheToddler who can't be currently pictured online period.. Sooon, I hope..  Til then, you get a picture of one of my favorite flowers- A Daisy.. Daddy Chaos & I finally tore up this sorry looking bush that used to reside outside my kitchen window & planted some flowers (our firsts, we tend to have brown or black thumbs.. definitely anything but green).  So far they are surviving..   So go lookie, tell me what you think & then click over and look at everyone else's :)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Nice Flower! I must say beautiful photography.

  2. Yeah! I really like it! It is such a beautiful picture

  3. Love your blog, thanx for the post, i must read your other post too, keep it up.


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