Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Call me crazy..

.. but I love me a good storm.. The worse it is, the happier I am. Lucky for me, the fates must be shining down on me lately because Oh My Lordy have we been having storms.. Storm after storm after storm..

We had several over the weekend.. Sadly Daddy Chaos and I act like a bunch of hillbilly trailer trash* and immediately run outside (after herding the small ones to the safety downstairs) as soon as we heard the tornado sirens go off.  Stupid? Yes.. But we can't help ourselves.. It's how we grew up.  I remember many a storm standing in the doorway with my parents looking out.  See I'm the mean mom who makes my kids go down to the basement while I get all the fun of watching the storm.

There was a bit of swirling of clouds action going on but no tornados.. Something about the wind changing directions constantly along with a sudden 20* drop in temperature just screams Tornado weather to me.. Sirens going off help cement that thought.. Alas the news lady assured us that it was just the super high winds that were setting off the sirens not actual tornados**..   We had fun storm watching and eventually let the littles come back upstairs too.

* Daddy Chaos stands firm that although he may have lived in a trailer in his youth, he is neither a hillbilly or trailer trash & running outside to look during a storm is pure survival instinct..
**I also realize that tornados are deadly beasts and hope not to make light of any who have recently suffered damage or loss due to one.  They captivate me.

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  1. I Love Storms too! Strangely captivating indeed...Love your Drive in Picture, I am jealous, wish we had one in our town!


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