Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why do I have to title these anyway?

Life has been hectic.. but what else is new?

Drool Prince has been acting up lately.. Just enough to drive me freakin insane.

Peeing on the floor in his room.  For no reason.  Wasn't mad, just did it.

Pooped his pants the other morning and then just laid in his bed stinking up the room until I came in to tell him to get up.

Ate The Toddler's medicine just for the hell of it (Thank God it wasn't anything huge that would affect him badly).  [and no for the record, I do not normally leave meds where anyone can reach but they happened to be down that morning bc we were leaving early so I set everything out on the counter the nite before.]

Luckily Cowie comes to the rescue and will take him for the day to give Momma a break..

It bothers me.


I have never had a child that I needed to get a break from.

Drool Prince can be such a good boy.  He is a joy to be around. Everybody loves him.

And then he changes into this.. This little boy that lies, steals, breaks others stuff, is destructive to his own stuff,  is just rotten all around.  He pushes and pushes and pushes.  Something is bothering my baby and it bothers me.

I know it really bothers him that Southern Darlin' was adopted before him.. Here she is, this interloper.. Comes in and takes over his spot in the world (Spoiled Princess' best bud) , is here for such a short period of time (compared to him) and gets adopted. 

Obviously it's no one's fault that it worked out this way. I am hoping that once his adoption is finalized (please, this year.. please!) it will help him settle down some.  He is going to start seeing Southern Darlin's therapist as well.

Ok then, I have no clue how I got off on a tangent about Drool Prince when I had no intention of actually discussing that today.. hmm..

Instead, let's talk about this.
This is what happens when you are freezing corn.  Apparently I have this special skill that was until now unrecognized.  I can cut the corn off the cob at the perfect depth.  My Gma taught me :)

Daddy Chaos attempted a few cobs and quickly handed it back to me declaring he didn't know it was so hard because it looks easy.. ha ha.

The only downfall of having said special skill is that I then got the joy of cutting ALL the corn off the cob, thus resulting in the above pictured very red and sore thumb.   At least we have corn in the freezer right?

Today is supposed to be canning of tomatoes.  Let the fun times begin!


If that wasn't enough to keep you entertained feel free to go here and read about my thoughts of on the 5 lessons every kid should learn..  Or go here and look @ my most recent book list. I <3 the library.   Oh yay, and apparently I never finished the book list from last month and it sat in my box unpublished... oops.. So you can go here and look at that one!  Just in case you need something to read *wink*.

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