Friday, August 13, 2010

Disney Fund update

Update #1 on the Adoption Celebration @ Disney Fund ~

I finally took the big jug o' change into the bank. Ok technically I took it to my Mom's bank cuz hers is cool enough to have a Coins to Cash machine, so she had to meet me there (Thanks Mom!).

Now remember we added it up about a month ago and then lost the paper that I wrote the amount on but it was roughly $120.

We've added to it since then.  All our pocket change plus Daddy Chaos threw a $10 bill in.. ohh ahh.. Ok, ok.. he threw a $10 & a $20 but then I stole the $20 back out for Mexican one nite (bad me.. I know).   All in all the new total is :

 Wowsers!  We saved around $40 (would have been $60 if the darn Mexican cravings hadn't hit on a poor day) in about a month!  Yippee!! 


  1. You have decided to book through Trips By Manny ( right? Free to you! :D

  2. ha! I am thinking to book a true Disney vacay (staying on property) I will not get to go in 2011.. I'm just trying to save enough to pay our tickets (tix x 8ppl = AHHH!)& travel expenses :)

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  4. I am thinking to book a true Disney vacay (staying on property), thanx for all this.


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