Friday, August 13, 2010

A tummy attack..

This morning at breakfast Southern Darlin' starting making odd noises..

Now it's not unusual to hear odd noises from the little table.  The little kids aren't supposed to talk at the table (because they will sit there and whine and complain about someone doing something they shouldn't ect ect ect .. and never get their food eaten.  Thus talking at the little table has been banned.) so instead they like to make noises..

This however was a different noise so I called Southern Darlin' over to my seat to find out what's wrong.  She then declares that her tummy hurts.  I sent her to the bathroom..  In my experience, tummy hurts in this house mean something is coming out one end or the other and I don't clean up puke.

After a few minutes in the bathroom she comes back up. Wild eyed that her tummy hurts.. Poor baby! She's lived with us for over a year now and I've never had her complain of a tummy ache..  The wild eyed look worried me.

Momma : SD, Where does your tummy hurt?

SD: In my tummy.

Momma: Can you point to it?

SD: no, it's on the inside.

Momma:  Can you just point on the outside and show me?

SD: Momma, it's on the inside. I can't point in there.

ha, bless her heart.. I finally got her to understand what I meant but it took some time and more explaining.. lol.

After 5mins of laying on the couch, she's talking like normal and giggling.. Although she does not want to get up.  :(   Let's all hope that the tummy ache doesn't come back because I don't think she's up to handling it well.

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