Saturday, June 12, 2010

To my one and only..

It's here.. Another birthday..  God you're getting old.. ha!! Finally older than me again for another 7 months.. YES!

The kids and I were watching some old home videos the other day.. One was Attitude King's 1st birthday.. Ohh the memories.. He was the absolute cutest baby- even Drama Queen agreed to that, even though she had to throw a quick "What happened?" in.  Back in those days, you had just gotten home from a year long tour in Korea.. Just looking at you.  here. safe. with me.  made me smile.   Then you flashed the video camera to your own face and we all gasped.  Drama Queen immediately said " O.M.G!!! Daddy was so young!!"

And yes, yes you were.. Heck we both were.. 22yrs old with a 1 & 3yr old.  We were still babies ourselves.   But what I saw, was that boy.  That boy I fell in love with so many years ago.  The boy I cried over, what seems like repeatedly.  I'm a sap, what can I say.  I loved that boy with every fiber of my being..

That boy has grown and changed. Today he is all that he was and so much more. The perfect husband, most of my friends are jealous.. A wonderful father to all of our kids who I kept telling you that we weren't done just yet.. My love for you has grown .. I never thought I could love you more than I did in our younger years.. You were my whole purpose in being, which is putting a lot on one person.  We've both grown and I have learned to appreciate you even more. Watching that video has me a little sentimental, but just know that you will always be my one and only.

Happy Birthday !

** edited to add that although I had this wonderful birthday planned.. A massage (which he loved) , a babysitter set up (which shocked him) and a plan to go out on a date for the nite.. Daddy Chaos managed to move wrong and screw up his back to the point that he could barely move- which then proves my point that he's getting old.. ha.  So we stayed in and hopefully will have the date nite another nite.  He then apologized to me. Because he screwed up my plans.  Yes I was twirked, but not because of the messed up plans... Those plans were all for him.  I was twirked that he was in pain on this day that I hoped would be special... 

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