Sunday, June 13, 2010

To #1 of 4

Four years ago today, our lives changed yet again. 

That little bug that wormed her way into our hearts seventeen months earlier when I arrived home from the hospital with her was officially a legal part of our family..


From early on, I would tell Spoiled Princess the story of her birth.. 
Once upon a time, a beautiful little baby girl was born in the hospital.
A princess baby girl, right mommy?
A princess baby girl.. Once upon a time, a beautiful Princess  baby girl was born in the hospital.  She needed a mommy and daddy who could take care of her and love her. 

So the dr called YOU , right mommy?
So the hospital called me and said "Do you want a pretty little princess baby to take care of?: and I said ...
You said OF COURSE!
I said Of course!  Mommy & Daddy didn't have any baby things anymore because Drama Queen & Attitude King were bigger.. So we got to go shopping and buy all the fun baby things. We bought a cradle and diapers and wipes and..
bottles and pacis!!
and bottles and pacis and a carseat.. Then Mommy went to the hospital and got to hold this special baby.. And play with her.. and dress her.. and snuggle with her..  Then I put her in the carseat and tucked her in and took her home..  Once we got home, I handed her to Daddy and he..
hogged her the rest of the nite..
 And he held her and hogged that baby the rest of the nite..  And that little Princess baby was..

me !! Princess "  Spoiled Princess"
 It was you!! 
I've added to it a bit more as she's gotten older but that was our initial story..  We talk about how she and Southern Darlin' came from the same tummy.. and how that Mama couldn't take care of her (Southern Darlin' usually pops in and says how she was mean to her & went to jail) so she came to live with us.  We talk about what a forever family is but to her it's natural.  She's always been here, unlike Southern Darlin' and doesn't know any different. Adoption is a normal part of her life and won't shock her later in life.  Everyone has their own ways of dealing with adopting and telling their kids, this was ours.. Let them know the truth from the beginning and it will seem normal.  Some prefer to wait until the kids are older or not tell at all.. To each their own.

Today to celebrate her Adoption Day, she chose french toast for breakfast..  Drama Queen pampered her and did her hair.. We had planned on going swimming or to the movies (per her request) but Daddy Chaos' back is just not up to it yet.. So we are planning a swimming day later in the week and are going to go see Toy Story 3 when it comes out (yay!)..  Since nothing else worked out, we did manage to sneak out of the house for some special Momma, Daddy & Spoiled Princess time this afternoon while the others napped..
Princess at heart but eats ice cream like a little piggy.. 
She did not appreciate Momma calling her Princess Piggy..

There's my baby.. She's growing up fast..



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