Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sun hurts...

Life has been busy, as it seems to always be, here in the Kingdom of Chaos.  Dr appts, dentist appts, running here and there..  Summer seems to be slipping away quickly.. Less than 2months and the kids go back to school..  One more off to Kindergarten and I'm left with just the two little boys at home.

I've had lots of plans of fun things we wanted to do.. Lots of days at the park, going to the zoo and the pool.  Until this week, we did not a one.

As we were walking out the door the other day, I somehow fell down. I don't know if it was my bad knee giving out or if I twisted my ankle but the Toddler and I tumbled.  Rug burn on one knee (which STILL hurts almost a week later.. geez when did I become such a wimp?) and my other foot is hurting.. Since I could barely walk on it, the dr did xrays which revealed a big fat Nothing.. Just an arthritis flair.. Dammit, aren't I too young to have arthritis in my foot?? My knee, yeah I could see that since it was previously damaged... but my Foot? Come on!    I left with some nice arthritis flair meds which help tremendously..

Drama Queen has been sucking up -for lack of better words- lately.  You see we are the type of parents who learned from Daddy Chaos' mistakes (because I was perfect, duh) and crack down on our kids.. Plus the world is just not as safe anymore.  Drama Queen has been recently granted a little more freedoms.. Long walks with her friend.. Going to the baseball complex to hang with her friends for a few hours..  This works well for both of us.  She gets to be with her friends, a mere few blocks away.. And I get the extra help because she's always trying to trade being extra nice for an hour at the complex.. ha.

So despite being gimpy with a sore foot, we went to the park the other day. It was the PERFECT weather.. Just low 70's..  Beautiful ! Drama Queen chased The Toddler around while the other kids played and Momma got to sit with her gimpy foot on a bench and read watch everyone who yelled Mommy Look At Me!!
Swinging is a favorite activity..

and this thing that I have no clue what it's called?? 

We all love the teeter totter!!

A lot of fun was had at the park.. And then because I am an awesome Momma, the next day we went to the pool.  I know, you wish I was your Momma right? I even took the camera but alas got caught up in the fun & didn't take a single picture..  Not even one of The Toddler's new found favorite thing in the world- jumping into the pool.  That boy is a fish!

We spent hours at the pool, paused our splashing to order pizza and have it .. yes Delivered to the pool and then back to splashing.  It was an awesome day.. Not a single fighting kiddo. Everyone got along and played together. The big kids actually *gasp* helped out with the little kids.. The only way it might have been better is if Daddy Chaos was with us instead of at work..

Naturally I slathered the sunscreen on the kiddos until I could slather no more.. cuz I'm a smart Momma like that..  I may have neglected to slather the same sunscreen on myself..    cuz my brain doesn't always work properly.. Oops..   People, learn from my very painful mistakes..  Do NOT forget to sunscreen yourself after you have covered your kids.
Yes , it hurts.  Still.  Maybe I am getting wimpy in my old age..


  1. If it makes you feel better, I fell down the stairs the week before we were moving, and my whole body hurt...but the worst? My big ol carpet burn...that hurt like crazy for 2 weeks! I am sorry for you!

  2. I dab (delicately) white vinegar on sun burn. It definitely takes the sting out of the burn. I've also tried a milk/tea/witchhazel bath before too (but that's expensive). I hope it feels better quick.

  3. Hey there, I haven't been blogging for quite some time but have just spent a couple of evenings catching up. It was great to see how your family's going, and such good news to see another adoption go through.

  4. OUCH! I've BTDT, but so far, not this summer! Hope it feels better soon! The back is the worst......impossible to sleep!


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