Friday, June 11, 2010

To the one that doesn't belong to me..

After spending a year getting to know each other, months of contracts & weeks of shots... a miracle was achieved on the first transfer. Proof given on Mr Greek's birthday, how can you get any better?!  9months later brought us to today, 6years ago.. The day we would all finally meet Miss Dilly, my adorable surrobaby.  Mr. Greek & Ms. Polish live about 4hrs away from the Kingdom of Chaos and their state has wonderful surrogacy laws so it was decided that we would give birth there vs here. We all agreed to an induction so that my entire family wouldn't be sitting around their house waiting for weeks and weeks.

June 11, 2004 was the day.. The day we would finally meet Miss Dilly (thus named early in the pregnancy when I read something saying "The fetus is now roughly the size of a dill pickle") and we all packed up to go to the hospital..

As the day wore on, Daddy Chaos joked that Miss Dilly really wanted to share his birthday (June 12) and she was going to wait it out..  Little did we know how true his words were.  A bit after midnight, she finally joined us.. Little stinker just had to have the same birthday as Daddy Chaos..  See how good I am, give birth on his birthday and it's not even his kid.. ha!

It's hard to imagine that Dilly is turning 6yrs old tomorrow.. I can still recall everything leading up to her birth so well.. I think that someday I should probably write it all down so I have it saved and can share it with her if/when the time comes that she ever knows my part in her life..  We haven't seen her family in over a year now, which in itself seems odd but life has gotten in the way and both families have just been busy at alternating times.    We are hoping to see her in a few weeks.. Then I will look at her and think to myself, wow.. I helped create that.  In the past year, she has grown so much.. She has lost 2 of her baby teeth which in itself means she's no longer a baby but a full fledged kid.  While I am soo excited to finally see my old friends again and darling Dilly, it's bittersweet.. Our lives have led us apart and our families are no longer as closely intertwined as we once were.

Happy almost Birthday, my darling Dilly!!   We love you!

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